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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chicago Photo Shoot

A couple months ago I posted a photo of Kayla from the photo shoot that was done in Chicago. I also used one of the family pictures for our Christmas cards. I just realized I never shared some of the other pictures from this photo shoot.

I have such a hard time taking a decent picture of Kayla lately; seriously! I have to snap what seems like 50 pictures just to get one or two that look nice. She has some aversion to looking at me/the camera and will keep her eyes down or to the side. Anywhere but where I want them to be! So I wasn't sure how this photo shoot was going to turn out.

The other thing I was worried about was Kayla's right eye. A few days before the trip Kayla had a cold, by the time we arrived in Chicago I think she had a sinus infection. It was bad. Her eye was constantly watering, she was rubbing it and there was a streak of redness from her eye down to her cheek. By Thur night her eye was a bit swollen. Lovely, just what we needed for a photo shoot for "Most Beautiful Eyes!" By late Friday afternoon it was starting to get a little better, but in some of these photos I can still tell her right eye was a little puffy; I'm just glad the photo shoot wasn't Thur night!

To say I was pleased is an understatement! The ladies were just awesome with the kids and I love how these photos came out! One lady (referring to herself as the child wrangler) did such a great job of keeping Kayla sitting still, focused, relaxed, and happy - which made for some natural smiling/laughing photos.

If we lived closer to NYC I would consider using these photos to put together a portfolio (hello, ToysRUs!)

We went to a children's museum earlier that day and forgot about the stamp on the front of her hand!

I think Lucas was looking quite dashing himself - little Mr GQ!

Prevent Blindness America used one of the photos for their donation page.

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lovemy3 said...

Great pics!! My almost 9 year old is the exact same way! He was my biggest issue when I was taking pics for our Christmas card. You would have thought my 9 month old would cause the issues...nope...it was my oldest.

Becca said...

Fantastic pics!!! Samantha does the same thing, looking away from the camera or looking down, all the while saying "Cheeeeeese!" and smiling. Ugh, drives me craaaaazy! I do wonder why...maybe part of the chromosome dictates a camera aversion. LOL

Katie said...

These pictures make me smile! Love them!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

I love them! especially the third one

Cyndi J said...

Beautiful, just beautiful !

Anonymous said...

the professional photographer sure knows her stuff!! love all the pics !!! WOW love memaw. sometimes kids do better with someone else taking their picture besides "just Mom" :) altho I do like the wed pic,you just posted

teal915 said...

She is so beautiful! And your little guy is very handsome too.

Ms. Kathleen said...

How wonderful... They are both growing up way. to. fast.! Precious angels!

Ms. Kathleen said...

Hey Michelle, I am highlighting your blog tomorrow on my blog! Hugs!

Grandma said...

My Grandchildren are absolutely beautiful!!

Lexi said...

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are so adorable! What life in those faces!

Bonita said...

Beautiful kids!!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Beautiful! Personally, I think that the stamp on her hand is funny. It's one of those things that happens when you are cruising with kids.

Lucas? What a little man!

teacher said...

Such beautiful pictures of your gorgeous kids!