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Friday, December 23, 2011

'Tis The Season!

Last year Joe took the kids with him when he went to buy me something for Christmas. The kids came home saying, "Mommy we bought you a book!" (the latest Stephen King).

This year, Joe again took the kids out with him (will he ever learn?)

When they came in the door Kayla said, "Mommy we bought you a screwdriver!" Lucas reiterated that they did, indeed, buy me screwdrivers.

Joe said on the way home he asked them what they bought for me. Kayla said something that sounded pretty close to what it was so he said, "No... remember we don't tell mommy we bought that. What is it we say? We tell her we bought screwdrivers!"

Lucas said, "That isn't going to make Mommy very happy."

And just how does his little 3 yr old mind comprehend something like that? Why would he think that wouldn't make me very happy?

So I asked Lucas, "Why did you say that wouldn't make me very happy?"

Lucas, "Because it won't"

Me, "But why won't it? Why wouldn't I be happy with screwdrivers?

My ever-logical son replied, "Because we already have some!"

Well, there you go!

And to the kids' credit... so far they haven't let slip what they really bought me. Because I know it's not screwdrivers!

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nichole said...

That Lucas is sharp as a tack

Noah's Dad said...

Hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas!

Thankful for you guys!