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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bedtime Chatter

The upstairs to our house has a big loft area. A good portion of the loft area separates Kayla's and Lucas's bedrooms ... so they aren't right next to each other.

They rarely try to talk to each other after 'lights out.' Doing so would require using very loud voices to be heard, and I think it's just never occurred to Kayla to try to do this. She's much like her father, falling asleep 5 minutes after her head hits the pillow.

Lucas has 'trouble' falling asleep. Or so he says a minute after I walk out of his room from tucking him in. "I can't sleep!"

The other night he decided to try and talk to Kayla. It involved a bit of yelling to be heard from room to room, and not realizing one person said something, so they were also talking over each other. I sat on the top steps amused by their conversation.

L: Kayla!
K: Stop Lucas!
L: Kayla?
K: You waking me up!
L: Kayla!
K: I trying to sleep! I going to Florida! (Before bed we had talked about going to FL to visit my dad)
L: What? California?
K: Yes, going to Florida!
L: Kayla did you say California?
K: Yes! Going to Florida!
L: Come here Kayla!
K: What? 
L: I want you Kayla!
K: Ok thank you!
L: Come here Kayla!
K: What Lucas?
L: I like you now Kayla!
K: What? I love you? Ok thank you!

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Anonymous said...


lovemy3 said...

How sweet!

Renee said...

Precious. Merry Christmas!

ckbrylliant said...


nichole said...

a fun and sweet conversation - made me giggle :)