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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet Carolina

A couple of weeks ago Kayla and I were asked to be on a segment of the local cable show Sweet Carolina. What a neat experience this was! Kayla liked being able to see herself on TV while we were filming it. I so appreciated the chance to share our story about winning the scholarship for the "Most Beautiful Eyes" contest; and putting in a little plug to support the ABLE Act.

And Lucas, oh my dear boy. Of course he didn't want to be left out. He had the option to sit on my lap during the interview, or sit in the chairs opposite us. I should've known he wasn't going to stay long in those chairs. He made himself known. He didn't take the easy way to get on TV (sitting in my lap). He wasn't loud, in fact I don't think he talked at all during the taping, but he sure did make his appearance!

Kayla kept swiveling in her chair and I would put my hand on her leg or arm to make her stop. Watching the video makes me laugh because a few times she indignantly tells me 'stop!' I guess I was the one who was distracting her!

If you want to see the video just go to this link. Right under the video that is playing you'll see a play list by dates of previous shows. Just click on 11/30. We are the last segment so we don't show until 19 min 10 sec. (If you let the light gray status bar load the video all the way you can then move the slider forward to 19:10 so you don't have to watch through the whole segment.) I can't figure out a way to embed just that portion of the video on the blog, or I would've just done that.

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AZ Chapman said...

Great interview thanks for teaching me about the able act

Sunny said...

Watching this was a perfect end to my day. I couldn't help laughing when Lucas was jumping in front of the camera and Kayla was going crazy in her chair - real life captured on TV :)

Iccle Anne said...

That was such a gorgeous clip of the video! Thanks for sharing that! It was lovely watching children be children! You did really well at answering all the questions too, especially with the little distractions!!

Kathi said...

That was a great segment. Kayla did awesome and Michelle, you are an excellent speaker!

Katie said...

What a sweet video! That was a long segment for 2 kids to sit through and I think they did very well :)

Roo's Mom said...

Kayla is so much like my Roo, I wish we lived closer so they could be friends! I've been in touch with our congressional reps a couple of times re. the Able Act so far, but need to keep at it. I can't see any reason not to pass it. Thanks for all you do!