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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Running late one morning I was buckling Lucas in his car seat and said, "See Lucas, you're making me late." and he retorted, "Last morning when we went to MOPS you made YOURSELF late." 

Another night of encouraging Lucas to eat his veggies because they will make him grow bigger he tells me, "I just want my apple, that will make me grow bigger." 

To encourage the kids to eat all their dinner I tell them we have to eat the rainbow. One night after telling Lucas he didn't eat his green yet he said, "I just want to eat brown tonight."

Lucas do you want to wear long-sleeves or short sleeves? His answer, "Short sleeves. But not short sleeve pants."

Lucas and Kayla playing w/pretend food and Lucas telling Kayla, "You can have this pizza Kayla, it's gluten-free."

Lucas asking if grapes are gluten-free.

At respite one of the caregivers asked Lucas how old he is, he said, "I'm 3 and my sister can't have wheat."

A lady was walking next to us in the parking lot and started talking on her bluetooth. Lucas asked me, "Why is she talking to herself?"

Lucas pointed to a lady and said, "She has silly hair!" He thought her hairstyle was so amusing. I just hoped she didn't actually hear him!

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lovemy3 said...

I so love the comments kids make and the way the world makes sense to them!

Becca said...

I always look forward to your Lucas-isms! He's just tooooo much!

Nikki said...

Hehehe so cute!

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