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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Special Exposure Wednesday

Jeans? Capris? Or ...? The story behind the picture:

The other day I ran upstairs to Kayla's room and grabbed her a pair of jeans. I went back to the living room and tossed them at her telling her to get dressed. She started to pull them on and kept saying she needed help. I was distracted, briefly glanced over at her, and told her she needed to unzip them first.

You know the pair of jeans you have that are just a little to snug for you, but you love them so you continue to wear them? The only way you can get them on is to wiggle, jiggle, jump, and tug to get them up over your hips?

Yeah, Kayla had a bit of that going on. But she persevered and got those jeans on.

Then she told me she needed help again; with snapping them. I pulled the jeans across her waist and wondered why they were so tight on her. I know she doesn't have a pair of jeans that are too small for her waist.

I glanced down and saw that these jeans fell above her ankles. I knew these weren't a pair of her capris either.

I looked at the tag on the back of the jeans and sure enough ... suspicion confirmed. The missing pair of jeans ... missing from LUCAS'S dresser!

Yes, these are a size 3T! She wears a 6 ... yet she somehow managed to get those jeans on!

I could not help but sit there and laugh at the sight of her wearing Lucas's 3T jeans! And I had been saying to Lucas over the past few weeks, "You are missing a pair of jeans. Where did that pair of jeans disappear to?"

Mystery solved.
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Mom24 said...

Too funny! Jacob had a pair of Julianna's jeans in his basket today, which inevitably were the ones he grabbed to wear. They weren't going on though. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! This is terrible! She is too soon learning what women have to deal with!!! :-)

Becca said...

Oh, WOW! That's hilarious! Samantha's tummy makes her have to go waaay up in size for her pants. Her 3T anythings are a long-ago thing of the past. :-( LOL

LJ said...

who has time to read size tags anyway? If you can get your foot and ankle in you make them fit!!
Here's a funny: Last night while putting Aaron to bed I thought I'd play a trick on him and I put his pajama pants on over my pants. He looked at me puzzled and then asked me: Mummy take them off? It was funny and he thought it was silly.

SoCo mom said...

Heh. We have similar mornings. Only my daughter loves her old cotton stretch pants and refuses to give them up, even in winter and they wear like capris.

They have to "get lost" before we can move on, sometimes ...

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Kelli said...

Thanks for the giggle!!

lovemy3 said...

Too funny! We have that happen occasionally at our house.

Anonymous said...

such a classic Michelle youare to funny!! Bless Kayla's heart!! love memaw