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Thursday, November 10, 2011

He Has Good Intentions

Lucas brought the mail in the other day. Included in the mail was the Publix sale flyer. He grabbed a pen off the counter and took it, and the sale flyer, to the table.

He told me he was going to make my shopping list (ie circle items to buy).

I heard him say something about getting this cereal because it's gluten-free. I glanced over and saw it was Lucky Charms, which of course is not gluten-free. So I asked him why he thought that one was gluten-free. I love his answer. His heart is in the right place - always being concerned about Kayla and what she can and can't eat.

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Mom24 said...

That's SO adorable! What a smarty.

Becca said...

DRAT! On a computer without speakers...I'll have to listen later. That boy is such a cutie!!! I love the stuff he comes out with.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhh!! that is the sweetest and since he saw the word "free" he circled the lucky charm cereal :) Looking out for his sister. !! He is the best brother. love memaw/graymaw

Becca said...

Oh, my heart is MELTING!!! How aweet!

nichole said...

He is such a sweetie!

Life At The Castle said...

that is way cute!