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Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Signing Time Sale!

Through today you can get 40% off orders of Signing Time DVDs when you spend $40 or more.

This is a great discount especially if you've been wanting to order (or need holiday gift ideas to give to the grandparents etc!) Baby Signing Time DVD Gift Set, Baby Signing Time: Full Collection!, Signing Time Series 1 DVDs, or Signing Time Series 2 DVDs.

It also applies to orders including Flash Cards, Music CDs, Books, and T-Shirts.

(It does exclude gift cards, digital downloads from Signing Time on Demand and Potty Watch.)

We loved using the Signing Time DVDs when Kayla was younger. It sure did help bridge that gap of communication when she was mostly still non-verbal, or we had trouble understanding her speech.

Lucas watched the videos too and picked up signing easily enough, but he also was pretty verbal so he dropped signing pretty quickly! Every once in a while the kids will watch a video to refresh their signing skills... which is coming in handy now. We recently met a family who has a daughter Kayla's age who has CP and is deaf. So the kids are being reminded to use their signs when they talk with her and I'm glad they can make that connection with her.

This is still one of my all-time favorite videos of Kayla signing and signing along with Rachel.

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Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! <3

Anonymous said...

isn't it wonderful to go back in time and look at the "wonder" of KaylA AND ENJOY THOSE "MOMENTS" AGAIN. LOVE memaw. that is great they are watching and than able to use "signs" with their friend!!