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Sunday, October 02, 2011


A couple weeks ago I saw this quote on Shelley's FB page. She got the quote from the Down Syndrome Ireland Group and it is from a parent who has a teenager with Down syndrome.

"Sometimes our children with Down syndrome are more disabled by the low expectations of those around them than they are by the condition itself." 

I love this quote. How simple, yet profound, and powerful.

I think about years ago when babies with Down syndrome were automatically placed in institutions because of low expectations. Because parents were told they would be better off there.

If you have low expectations and don't challenge a child, if you don't expose a child to learning opportunities, then how indeed are they supposed to learn? So of course the misconception was continually perpetuated that those with Down syndrome couldn't learn, couldn't amount to anything, couldn't do anything ... because they were placed in institutions and not afforded the opportunity to learn.

This quote is also a reminder to myself that "those around them" can also refer to parents. Myself. Sometimes I am guilty of thinking something is beyond Kayla's comprehension, or too hard for her to do. Sometimes I rush her along and just do it myself instead of taking the time to show her or allow her to try for herself.

Sometimes I need the reminder to slow down and give Kayla the opportunities to learn.

Sometimes I need the reminder to allow her to spread her wings and become more independent and realize that everything will be ok.

Sometimes I need the reminder to keep the bar raised on my expectations on what Kayla can and will do.

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Patti said...

that is an AWESOME quote! I wish I'd had it for my post this morning- hope you don't mind if I steal it for my next post!:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful points Michelle! You know that you are a parent who already does it or you wouldn't worry about it eh? Love and happy 31-21!

Runningmama said...

Oh, I love that quote, thank you for sharing and reminding us all to keep the bar high :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the quote and your honesty within yourself we have become a rushd in a hurry up society and more impatient with others and ourselves. we should look more at Kayla and see that "she has it right!!! Patience and learning at the right time and need. she gets it and we do not.love memaw

Anonymous said...

the truth is we all need to be challenged and have goals or we do not grow. Why do we only expect a few to be gifted and awesome? We all have the ability, no matter our size, shape or color.