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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Continents

Last Monday I went to Kayla's school to have a conversation about a few issues an concerns. As we were talking about how Kayla was doing with her time in the typical classroom her teacher pulled a paper out of Kayla's folder that was going home with her that day. It was a paper with the 7 continents and the note said there was going to be a quiz on Wed.

Mrs. H. said they way they were planning to modify the quiz was to have the names of the continents on small strips of paper. The teacher would point at one of the continents and give Kayla a choice of 2 strips and she had to say and point to the strip with the name of the continent for her answer.

On our way home from school that day I asked Kayla, "So you're learning about the continents in Ms C.'s room?" She confirmed she was. So I prodded her by saying something like, "So you're learning about North Am...." and she finished "North America!" I did the same with South America. I admit to being surprised when she said, "Europe, Asia" on her own. She might not be able to show me on a map where they all were, but at least she was retaining some information - the names of the continents. It still surprises me when I realize that she is actually paying some attention to what is being taught! :) 

I haven't had a chance to talk to her teacher since the quiz was given to find out if that is indeed how they gave her the quiz. If it is, I realize that yes, Kayla would have a 50% chance of getting each continent right. But she would also have a 50% chance of getting each one wrong. Or she could get half of them wrong. There are a number of possibilities with 7 continents, even though she was given 2 choices.

Knowing all that, I was beyond excited when she brought this paper home. So proud of my girl!

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Becca said...

How AWESOME, Kayla!!!! I love this post, and I love the smile I just got from it. :-) Please give that sweet girl of yours a big, congratulatory hug from me and Sammi!!

nichole said...

Woohoo! Yay Kayla! That must have felt good

Corey~living and loving said...

woo hoo! how wonderful! she rocks!

Mom24 said...

So cool! Congrats Kayla!!

Cyndi J said...

Yay !! You go Kayla.

AZ Chapman said...

congrats Kayla

Anonymous said...


Trace said...

Way to go Kayla!! :)