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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bed Of Nails

We spent Labor Day weekend at Surfside Beach. It was just a couple hours drive and a little weekend getaway. Before heading back home we went to Wonder Works. It was neat to explore all the things they have, but I admit to some relief when we left as it was a bit of sensory overload even for me.

Lucas was brave enough to try out the bed of nails. He was doing so well just laying still, but then he figured he was done and started to roll over to get down. The employee stopped him from going any further and had him lay back down so he could put the nails down. I was impressed that Lucas didn't make a single sound about those nails - especially when he started to roll over! I tried it too and while it didn't exactly hurt, it was a bit prickly!

Here is Kayla attempting to pull herself up in the chair pulley.

There was this mind relaxation thing. Two people sit across from each other wearing headbands with sensors to detect brain waves. There was a ping pong ball in a tube. You just sit in the chair as relaxed as you can and the ball moves back and forth depending on who is more relaxed ... eventually reaching all the way to one end or the other. It was neat to watch. I thought Lucas would beat Kayla in a matter of seconds since she never seems like she is relaxed! He did beat her (ie the ball moved down to her side) but it took several minutes. Joe beat me, which I wasn't surprised about at all!

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Mom24 said...

Wow! What an interesting place. I can't believe Lucas tried that bed of nails!!

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!!!!! <3