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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update on Carrington, For Anon

Someone just commented about a post I did a few months ago about a little girl adopted through Reece's Rainbow and came to the states severely malnourished. That would be Carrington, arriving here weighing only 11lbs at three years of age.

Carrington is doing so much better now! She has been with her family for 5 months and has gained 10lbs. Those 10lbs have made such a difference on her tiny body. She is looking more well-nourished, happy, and loved.

While we were in San Antonio for the convention we actually ran in to Carrington! It was so wonderful to see her in person! Here is Kayla meeting Carrington:

Unfortunately there are many other kids in Eastern Europe who are also severely malnourished and could use some prayers ... prayers to hang on until their forever family is able to bring them home.

One of them is Katerina. Her mom was just there visiting with her and Katerina could use some prayers for the adoption process to go very quickly so she can go home with her family. If I remember right from her story she is 9 yrs old and weighs 10lbs. You can see a sweet video of her mom singing to her in this post, and see how very, very tiny she is.

Then there is Liliana. Pretty much the same story. Except she is 11 yrs old ... and weighs 10lbs. The picture is a recent picture of her and she is sitting in an infant seat. A family has committed to adopting her, praying they can get to her in time and bring her home very soon.

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nichole said...

I am so happy that Carrington is doing well. I hope the other find their way to their families soon! I'm definitely praying for them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! It makes my heart happy to know that she is doing well! She looks like a happy little girl in the pictures! Hooray for Carrington! -The same Anon as the other day. :-)