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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eleven Pounds

2 orphans from Reece's Rainbow were just adopted into a family and recently returned to the US. 

This is Carrington.
Carrington is 3 years old. In Eastern Europe (whether its just the orphanages themselves, or all over, I'm not sure) they like to bundle the kids up. With a lot of layers. More clothes than is really necessary. I've read many stories from families who have adopted from EE and they recount that as soon as they get them out of the orphanage they start taking all those layers of clothing off.

That's what happened with Carrington. Her mom walked out of the orphanage with her and Tori. Went back to their hotel room and undressed Carrington for the first time.

That is when she discovered what her daughter's body really looked like under all those clothes. Shocking isn't it? I look at the picture above and can't believe this is the same child. Her jacket looks like it's almost too tight for her body ... and yet she hardly has a body at all.
Carrington weighed just 11 pounds. Eleven. This is a three-year-old child we are talking about. Not a three-week-old baby.

Lucas is 3 years old. He weighs 35 lbs. I just can't imagine what this poor child has been going through.

It's a miracle she's still alive; her body was starting to shut down. As soon as they landed in the U.S. she was rushed to the hospital where she is now fighting for her life. The doctors are doing what they can to get the nutrients in her little body so she can continue to fight.

A friend of the family has started a blog with updates about Carrington.

Please keep this child and this family in your prayers. Pray that her little body will accept the nutrients being given to her and she will continue to fight, and grow, and thrive with her new family.

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Not a Perfect Mom said...

I've been reading that blog, but I hadn't seen that picture...it's so...sickening, and heartbreaking.
How can someone allow that to happen? I raelly don't get it

the three amigos said...

That poor baby. Seeing her emaciated body in that picture brought me to tears instantly. Oh Michelle that is so heartbreaking. :o(

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I will pray my friend.

Tina said...

Oh my word, that poor, sweet baby :(

I'll pray.

That is absolutely heartbreaking :(

Anonymous said...

this is just to shocking !! Poor child has been slowly dying and a painful one at that!! I will pray the doctors and everyone concerned will help this little one to recover.. the people who have adopted this child, bless them!! and with all the love they can give this child , Carrington will thrive and grow as a child should during the early years and beyond. always, MOm

Bailey's Leaf said...

So incredibly sad. :(

Bonita said...

Michelle, as hard as it is to hear this story and view that picture, thank you for sharing. My heart hurts so much for that child and the others I'm sure are in her same predicament, but without a loving family to help them. Such sadness.

Thank you, also, for sharing about Lera. Because of you I was able to donate to her adoption and start praying for Lera and her forever family.

You have such a ministry on this blog, Michelle, and I doubt you realize how many people you impact and how many you help. But God knows.

Mom24 said...

I've been following her on a couple of blogs, it's just heart-breaking.

Nude Games said...

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