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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Dear Kayla ...

At the end of the school year Kayla came home with a hand-made booklet from her general ed classroom. On each page there was a drawing and a sentence, or two, about Kayla, from each of her classmates. (Which was very similar to the goodbye book she received in Kindergarten when we moved from NM. These books are such great mementos of her youth!) Oh how I loved reading through the pages and seeing what each child wrote! Each page left me with a smile on my face.

Dear Kayla ... (I left the spelling as it was)

- You are my best friend. -K
- I like you. -D
- You are nice! Your my best friend! - K
- I like how you are nice you are my best friend I ever had in the world. Love you Kayla. Love -S
- Yuo rok! Lvoe -P
-Your nice, your fast, your funny. Your friend, -J (Maybe Kayla is faster than I thought!)
- I have fun times with you Kayla eset the time you hoped on my chest. You are nice to me. And you sweet like pie. Your friend -R
- I will set by you at luch. Love -A
- You are nise. You can dance good. Your heart is all on me. And my heart is on you. Love -L
- I love walking you to class. You rock. Love -H
- Kayla you rock. I like you. Love -S
-You are sooo funny. You need more help but I act like you don't. -L (I wonder if L meant she knew Kayla could do things by herself and didn't really need her help.)
- You are sweet and kind. You are my friend. I like when you play with me. You are so cool with your pink ribing in your hair. I like when you hug me. Your friend, Love, -N
- Kayla the friend to have. Your the best. Love -S
- Four a cool small and fun. -K

I can only wonder what things Kayla came up with to say about each of her classmates!

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Becca said...

What a sweet way to end the school year!! I have vague recollections of something similar once before - was that last year, or am I thinking of someone else? What does Kayla think of it?

Kathleen said...

What a treasure. There maybe moments in her life when it will be nice for her to look back and read these comments.

Amy L said...

I just love those books! Caleb had one child say "I like your shoes."
LOL! They are definitely precious!

Anonymous said...

that is soooo sweet! lil miss popular i see. lol.
ha! and she's a dance diva at school too! awesome!!! =)

<3 Kelly

Trace said...

Awww that is just the sweetest!!

Anonymous said...

thru the eyes and hearts of children. Beautiful comments!! Warms your heart. Love mom/memaw

Jaida said...

Wow, thanks for posting this. My son has one more year of preschool and then enters kindergarten. Thus far he has had entirely positive experiences with other kids but I am terrified for what is to come. This post is so, so reassuring and what a lovely reminder of how a child's unsullied mind works. I have to say, I think all the time about your post about a class trip to the farm where a classmate told Kayla that a goat was bothering her because she was just too little and cute. :)