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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kid's Deployment Line

Several weeks ago I took Kayla and Lucas on base for the Kid's Deployment Line.

This was a pre-deployment for kids to go through and get a very condensed version of what their parents go through when they deploy.

When we arrived they got their folders which contained information on the location they were deploying to, the mission, dog tags, shot records etc. We had a mini-briefing on the mission and what the country was like.

Then the kids all filed through the deployment line stopping at each station: finance, legal, chapel, immunizations.

There was a visit with the Crime Dog and then they headed in to the big warehouse room to try on deployment gear.

After that we all filed on a bus to take us to the flight line to board a C-17. Once they thoroughly explored that we got on the bus back to the original location where they got their MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) i.e. Lunchables.

 I love this picture ... with the window open and their hair blowing it looks like she is actually taxiing down the runway.

Pretty neat experience for the kids!

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Crittle said...

That looks and sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

<3 it

Anonymous said...

that is wonderful that Charleston AFB/Joint Base puts on a great program for kids to help them understand the process of deployment.. that is alot of work involved to put that program on... looks like Kayla and Lucas were really taxing on the runway...:) love grandma/memaw

Omaha Mama said...

I love that picture of Lucas in the boots and coat! He looks so tiny!
:-) What a neat program, I think it's great that they do that to help kids see a little bit of what deployment procedures are like.