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Monday, April 11, 2011

Air Force Thunderbirds

Growing up as a military brat I attended my fair share of air shows (and I  know you don't have to be a military brat to have experienced air shows - they are just about the only time a base is open to the general public ... and there are probably way more civilians than military at an an air show.)

It's been several years since I've been to one. As I've gotten older I think I've stayed away just because of the sheer number of people that will be at the air show. Too much crowd for me. And it's usually hot, and you're walking around all day on pavement with no shade.

But I can't be raising my own little military brats and not have them experience an air show. It's part of military life.

There was an air show here this weekend. Confession: they still haven't experienced a full air show because we didn't go. However, the day before the air show the pilots are practicing. And most of the static displays are out on the flight line area. So if you're military you can get an idea of what will be going on at the airshow.

We went to base to meet Joe at work and then go watch the Thunderbirds fly. Unfortunately, because of the potential government shut-down that was happening on Fri, Joe couldn't get off work as early as he had hoped. So we ended up seeing the Thunderbirds practice while waiting sitting in the parking lot waiting for Joe. It wasn't the best view at all impeded by buildings and trees. But we did see some of their routine, and it was the first time my kids had seen the Thunderbirds and really heard that 'jet noise' (gotta love it!)

They were pretty excited watching it and when Joe was finally able to join us we made our way to the flight line and explored a few of the planes that were out for the static display.

Over 80,000 people attended the air show on Sat ... too much crowd for me! So it was nice being able to show the kids around on Friday without so much chaos.

 Future Miss South Carolina ...
 Future pilot ...
 More leg room on these planes than on a commercial plane!

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Bonita said...

What fun! And I'm sure it was way better seeing the practice than dealing with those crowds.

We love air shows and anything flight-related at the Lillie household. Several years ago when my son was much younger and very interested in airplanes, a friend of my husband's who is a general, was able to get us VIP passes into an air show where the Thunderbirds were performing. It was so cool because when they made their entrance they came out of no where right from behind us. It was silent and then a sudden loud noise right over us. Thrilling! Needless to say, my son loved it.

But like you I wasn't thrilled with the pavement, the crowds, porta potties, greasy foods and the intense summer heat! It made me weak and dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Smart going on a Friday!! you still got to see the thunderbirds and feel and hear the sounds they make!! Kayla and Lucas seem to enjoy the "birds" flying overhead!! Yes, Kayla, a future Miss SC!! and Lucas a pilot!! glad you got to enjoy another air show with you children!!! love mom/grandma

Bailey's Leaf said...

We used to have an air show at the little airport 3 blocks away. Due to lack of funding, they had to cancel it, but we had a lot of great planes fly over. We'd skip going to the airport for the big hub-bub (too. many. people-- eek!), but we'd have an air show picnic in the front yard. We miss having it, but am glad that the cups aren't rattling out of the cupboard!

What a fun day to have with the kids. Looks like they got the place to themselves! :)!!

Overwhelmed! said...

Our kids LOVED the air shows. Of course they also loved me working on base and getting private tours of F-16's on the flight line. :) I sure miss my military job.

Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love the Thunderbirds but I fear that Kayli will not- she hates loud noises! I probably would have to put earplugs in her. But I love them myself- how exciting!