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Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Freebie

Freebies received: Ester-c Gummies

- Request a free sample of Biolage Matrix Shampoo & Conditioner.
- Fill out the form to request a free bottle opener.
- Sign up for a free sample of New Oxy Clinical.
- Sign up with Hallmark emails and choose either $10 off $10 coupon.
- Here is another Hallmark coupon for $5 off your purchases valid this weekend only.
- Print out a coupon for a free order of Wendy's new natural cut with sea salt fries. 
For the first time in more than 40 years, Wendy’s revamped their fries with a natural “skin on” cut and seasoned with sea salt—the first fry of its kind to be offered by a national fast-food chain. The new fries incorporate a range of new ingredients and preparation methods to meet consumers’ demand for a better-tasting, higher-quality French fry. They are made 100% from Russet potatoes and sliced “natural-style” with the skin on for additional texture and taste, then cooked in proprietary oil that contains no allergens and has 0 grams trans fat per serving. They are finished with a dusting of natural sea salt to further enhance the flavor. (While it does say the fries are cooked in proprietary oil that has no allergens I haven't had a chance to ask if they are cooked in a dedicated fryer.) I received a Wendy's gift card to try their new fries and have to say they were really tasty. I like the 'skin on' variation. The texture was just the right amount of crispiness.
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