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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Special Olympics Young Athlete

I'm excited that we're going to be starting our involvement with Special Olympics now that Kayla is getting older. Actually, next year when she's 8, she'll be able to start competing in the Special Olympics - how exciting is that!?

They have a program for kids under the age of 8 called Young Athletes. This program is to help prepare kids for SO sports training and competition. It focuses on the basics that are crucial to cognitive development: physical activities that develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and the application of these physical skills through sports skills programs. I've known about this for several years now, but we've never lived in an area where we were close enough to be involved, or participate in any events...until now!

The director of the local Young Athlete program here is wanting to start a Young Athlete Community group and I've been talking to her about being the parent leader/coordinator for this group. I'm excited about getting this group up and running and for Kayla getting involved in the Young Athlete program.

Last weekend Kayla participated in Young Athlete Day held in downtown Charleston. Here are some cell phone pics of the fun activities they had for the kids:

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PEA said...


The night is dark
and the goblins are out,
and the witches and black cats
are prowling about.

And costumed creatures
the strangest I've seen,
are knocking on doors
'cause tonight's Halloween!

Happy Halloween dear Michelle:-) How wonderful that Kayla will be able to participate in the Special Olympics by next year, she will do well in them, I can just tell!! xoxo

Christina said...

That is so neat!! She looks really into it!

Mary said...

That's very cool!

Susie said...

Michelle, it will be so exciting to have a strong Special Olympics Young Athletes Community in the low country. Thanks for wanting to help make it happen. Susie with Special Olympics