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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do You Have A Sibling With Down Syndrome?

Virginia Commonwealth University is conducting a study on the effects of having a sibling with Down syndrome.

They are looking for siblings age 7 and older who have a brother or sister with Down syndrome and how it positively and negatively influences the following:

- The sibling's personality
- The sibling's relationship with his or her sibling with Down syndrome
- The sibling's relationships with his or her parents
Parents are also invited to take the survey to compare with the siblings' responses in order to examine how closely related parents' and siblings' perceptions are regarding the positive and negative impacts on the sibling from living with a brother or sister with Down syndrome.

By choosing to participate in this survey you will help researchers to better understand both the rewards and challenges that families experience as a result of having a child with Down syndrome. This research will also assist parents towards gaining insight into their well-child's experiences and feelings. Participants can register to be eligible for one of two $50 gift cards to Amazon.

For siblings 18 and older
For siblings 17 and younger
For parents

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