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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday

5 Minutes for Special  Needs

Kayla's 3rd tooth finally came out - seems it was loose for weeks - I finally yanked it. Although the adult tooth had already started growing in before that one came out, so now it's further back on her gum line than the rest of her teeth. She's now missing one on top and two on the bottom. Better make sure that tooth fairy gets upstairs tonight!

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Anonymous said...

is she still saying the tootfairy needs to bring "5 dollars"? lol.

<3 Kelly

Alison said...

My oldest daughter is losing teeth at the moment too - she has lost the bottom two. I am impressed that Kayla let you yank it out - Emma wouldn't let me anywhere near hers! I'm surprised how long they take to fall out too. We have at least another 3 that are wobbly - I think they look so cute when they're missing teeth!

Johnna said...

So cute . . . go toothfairy, go!

Anonymous said...

Yikes- she's very brave! Go for the fiver Kayla!

Mom24 said...

One of my favorite parts of childhood. :)

So fun.

MaggieMae said...

Ouch! Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering what age the teeth start falling out since they came in so willy nilly.

Michelle R. Slape said...

She looks so proud (as she should!).

Anonymous said...

Such a brave girl, my son would not even let me near his loose tooth.

Lol, on the $5, that's my kind of tooth fairy!

The Girls' Mommy said...

Our tooth fairy is lame and always forgets. Hope yours is better!