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Thursday, August 19, 2010

But They Never, Ever Need Our Fear

The article Parents May Have More To Learn About Special Needs Than Kids is pretty powerful and well-written. And too good to not share.

The author talks about her life experience growing up with kids with special needs in her school, and later in life when a good friend has a daughter with Down syndrome.

The friend's daughter went to an inclusive preschool and when it came time for the author to chose a preschool for her own son she thought of this inclusive setting.

She then describes the reaction she and her husband had while touring the school and a young man with autism entered the classroom. I wish more people would come to the realization that she did.

In the end she wants her children "to understand that kids with special needs sometimes need our help, they sometimes need our patience, and they sometimes need our friendship. But they never, ever need our fear."

How wonderful the world would be, not to mention more accepting, if more people would embrace this concept.

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