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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sonicare For Kids

Fortunately I don't have a problem with getting Kayla to brush her teeth. It's never been an issue, or a struggle, for us. She brushes first and we brush after her.

What I do have a problem with is Kayla biting down and 'chewing' the toothbrush more than she's actually brushing. You should see the bristles after only a couple weeks!

Mom Central was looking for bloggers to review the Sonicare For Kids toothbrush. I wondered if this might do the trick to curb her biting tendencies during brushing.

Although I do admit to being a little hesitant with whether she would actually tolerate a vibrating toothbrush in her mouth. I have a Sonicare and it took me several weeks to become used to brushing with an electronic toothbrush! So I really wasn't sure how Kayla would handle this and if her mouth would be too sensitive for it.

Sonicare For Kids comes with 2 toothbrush heads. One size is for 4+ and the other one is for 7+. It also features two kid-friendly power modes. Low mode for 4+ and high mode for 7+. The toothbrush is designed to encourage kids to brush for the recommended 2 minutes with a timer that gradually increases to 2 minutes over 90 days.

Another feature is that a short chime will play indicating it is time to move the brush to another section of the mouth. One the last (4th) section a longer 'congratulatory' chime plays signaling they're done and the toothbrush turns off automatically.

The handle is designed with different gripping locations for shared, or independent, brushing.

So how did Kayla tolerate this new electronic toothbrush? See for yourself...

I was shocked that she had no problems with the vibration, or noise, in her mouth. She loves it! And while she didn't have a problem brushing her teeth before, she's excited about brushing her teeth now. She goes in to the bathroom saying "my new toothbrush!" and after each brushing she still is saying "I did it!" after the chime. So far I haven't noticed the biting issues like she was doing with manual toothbrushes.

The only negative I've noticed so far is that now Lucas wants a toothbrush just like this...but I keep telling him you have to be 4 years old.

Sonicare For Kids is available at Amazon.com, Wal-Mart, and Target.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Sonicare and received a free Sonicare For Kids toothbrush to facilitate my review.”

And on the topic of dental care: Neil Patrick Harris narrates the new documentary "This Is Your Mouth" from the makers of Listerine. Each time the documentary is viewed $1 is donated to the National Children's Oral Health Foundation's: America's Toothfairy; up to $15,000! because every child deserves a healthy smile®

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LJ said...

AW! I love when she's done she does a little ditty dance and says I did it! :) I'm going to look into one of these for A.

Becca said...

Oh, that is really awesome, Michelle. I'm definitely going to look into that! Thanks for the review and the fabulous video - Kayla's the best!

Kari said...

awww what a cutey!!
I tried T with an electric before and he hated but maybe now he is a bit bigger he may go for it. I may have to try this one out :)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Sounds like a great toothbrush!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll make the investment, too. I loved the video of Kayla, Michelle. I have to tell you that she is absolutely beautiful! And she has great chompers! LOL! I just blogged about Gabe's last dental visit which went really well. Anyway, little Lucas will soon have to have his own Sonicare!

Ange said...

There is a $10 coupon for this product in the June issue of All You magazine. (Available at Wal*Mart only).

It's pricey but I bet my son would love it!

Crittle said...

Love that! So we have to wait another year? I need all the help with getting M's teeth brushed I can get!

PEA said...

Just love watching her trying out new things:-) That's so awesome that she loves the toothbrush and I really like the thought of the beeps to let the children know when to change sides, etc. I have an electric Braun's toothbrush and love it. xoxo

Cammie Heflin said...

After watching this video I decided that Cooper HAD to have this toothbrush! He has severe oral aversion and brushing is not his favorite thing so I think this would help. He does well with electric, it's just the amount of brushing he does. Anyway, went to get home one and it was $70!!! Unfortunately that's out of our budget, but it is very cool!

Christina said...

My kids love the electric toothbrushes, but they feel so weird to me!! I loved the video!