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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NDSC Convention Questions

I'm finally getting around to registering for the NDSC convention in Orlando.

BTW, who is going? Would love to meet up!

Ok...we went 2 yrs ago to the one in Boston but decided not to go to the Saturday night banquet and dance. I did hear a lot of people talk about how much fun they had that night and it sounded like we missed out!

So this year I was thinking of attending, but not sure about bringing the kids. I know it starts rather late, past their usual bedtime and way past the time they usually eat dinner.

I'm hesitating because of the price ... $20 for each kid. I did find out if Lucas sits on one of our laps and eats from our plate there won't be a charge for him; but if he has his own seat we'll have to pay for a ticket for him. Eating off our own plate isn't a problem, but I don't know if he would sit on our laps through the whole dinner.

So, just wondering for those who have gone before with your kids, was it worth it bringing the kids and should I pay for a ticket for Lucas, or attempt to have him sit on one of our laps?

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Sari said...

Michelle, I saw your post and jumped on the chance to go. Count us in! This will be my first time going -

Looking forward to meeting everyone :)

Cate said...

I wouldn't buy him a ticket. They're probably not going to check that closely that he stays on your lap.

Monica Crumley said...

I went last year w/ the whole fam. The banquet was so crowded, we were lucky to find a table where we could all sit together! Ultimately they set a new table for us on the dance floor, but our food took a long time since we got a later start. If he can sit on your lap, all the better. I don't know if seating will be another issue, but paying $20 for a ticket and then not having a place to sit would make me even angrier. Also, Kelli from Living Life with E's is making blog ID badges for bloggers to recognize each other and meet up. Check out my dsbloggers.blogspot.com blog for her info. Hope you have a great time and if you can... send everyone to Kelli (or my other blog) to get their badges.