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Sunday, December 13, 2009

BJs Gift Card Giveaway

Denise is the winner of the gift card - congrats!

I don't have a membership to BJs Wholesale Club but I had an opportunity to shop there with a free 60-day trial membership and a $25 gift card.

I wondered if BJs had any gluten-free products and was happy to see a fully-cooked rotisserie chicken that was clearly labeled 'gluten-free' (picked it up for dinner that night) and clearly-labeled gluten-free sliced deli turkey breast. I wanted to see if they had any gluten-free cereals or crackers but Lucas was done so we left before I could really explore those aisles! It did seem like there was a large selection of cereal so I'm sure they at least carry Chex cereals!

A Christmas present was also bought there (can't say what it was as this person reads my blog) and the cost was $20 less then what was advertised at 2 other local stores - what a nice surprise that was!

Despite not being able to explore all the aisles like I wanted it was still a pleasant shopping experience- the store was brightly lit and spacious, the aisles were wide and clear from clutter.

BJs offers savings of more than 30% off grocery store prices and they accept all manufacture coupons so you can save even more money.

They have a special new member offer of $45 (my mom signed up for this when we were there shopping) which includes a $10 coupon (that you can use that day) and an extra 2 months of membership (she also received free bananas!). You'll also receive
  • A Member Savings Book with more than $1,000 in coupons and instant rebates
  • "Sign up and Save" coupons worth $117 in savings
  • 2 cards (one for you and someone else in your household)
  • A no risk 100% money back guarantee on the fee if you are not satisfied
Now for the fun part - I have a $25 gift card to give away to one of my readers. Just leave a comment telling me what items you'd love to stock up on at BJs and make sure I have a way to contact you!

So this gift card can be mailed out in time for Christmas the contest will end some time Wednesday night.

BJs Wholesale Club and General Mills provided me with the free trial membership, coupons, and $25 gift card (and one to give away), through My Blog Spark.

The 12 Days Of Giving ended yesterday and for the final day I bagged up a lot of extra toiletries I have, and all those free samples I collect, for donation to the Children's Aid Society. Thanks Bethany for this idea - it's made me stop and think of little ways that I can give each day!

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Amy said...

I'd love to win! I don't have a membership but have been thinking about getting one. And I'd love to be able to stock up on toiletries - body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc - as my kids go through them like water!

JC said...

I'd like to stock up on baking items! It's this season again.
Happy Holidays!

tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Wendy said...

I's stock up on, what else? TOILET PAPER! How do the kids go through so much!

allynesma at aol dot com

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

We buy alot of things at BJ's and could really use an extra $25!

Sharon said...

Great one! I always get dog treats and peanut butter at BJ's... it's hard to beat their prices on those two!

Anonymous said...

Garlic chicken, egg rolls are great items to get there.

Cath at jamichdapa@yahoo.com

Dear Coupons said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stephanie said...

I only get to stop at BJs when I'm visiting my parents. And, when there, I especially love to stock up on paper products - mostly kleenex and toilet paper! We also love to buy my husband travel coffee cups there!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Windmills and Tulips said...

Hello friend. Wanted to pass by and say hi. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

Passing by also to let you know I posted T21 Ability Monday.

Hope you pass by and link up.

Many blessings,

Windmills and Tulips