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Monday, December 14, 2009

My First Brain Box

Marie over at All Access Pass To Jack has a series called Life Is Therapy - this product is a great example of an every day life experience that doubles as therapy; and fun therapy at that!

Last week we received My First Brain Box from Timberdoodle.

My First Brain Box is geared towards ages 3+ but Lucas was interested in the cards and would point to objects when I asked him, "where are the birds?" or answer "what is this?" questions.

I like this game for Kayla because it helps with things she's working on in speech therapy and the classroom - like improving sentence structure, using longer sentences, visual memory, and observational skills.

Included in the box are 55 picture cards with 6 questions on the back, an hour-glass sand timer, and a die.

To play the game you study a card for 10 seconds, flip it over, roll the die, and then answer the corresponding question number for your card. If you get the answer right you keep the card - the person with the most cards wins.

Right now I'm starting off holding the cards up for Kayla to look at while I'm asking her the questions like, "what animal is the giraffe looking at?" and then we'll work on the memorization and recall skills.

Besides asking the questions on the back you can also have your child look at the picture and then tell you a story about what they think is happening; great for emerging imaginations.

This is a game that both Kayla and Lucas can even play together - just by looking through the cards with each other and talking about what they see on each card. I'm even planning on grabbing a handful of cards when I know we'll be out somewhere and I need something to keep them occupied.

The cards come in a sturdy box and they'll grow with your child as their skills and age increase - as I mentioned, I can use this with Lucas now for identifying objects, colors, and counting...and then use it as the game when he gets older.

There are also other versions of the "Brain Box" - US Presidents, USA, Animals, and World.

The folks at Timberdoodle also threw a Hot Rocketz in our box. I haven't tried it out with the kids yet; I'm sure they are going to fight over it! So I'm going to order another one and give them as stocking stuffers. They are made of soft foam so they also float; I'm sure Kayla and Lucas are going to love playing with this. You can receive a free Hot Rocketz with any order by using bfreerocket at checkout; add the rocket to your order and then add the coupon code - good until Dec 21st.

I received My First Brain Box and Hot Rocketz from Timberdoodle for a review with Mama Buzz.

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Christina said...

What an awesome idea!

Marie said...

I love the different ways you plan on using the "game" at each child's level. Sounds like fun!