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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

When Joe Returns

In a previous post I was asked "what are your plans for once Joe's back home? Where do you see yourselves 18 months from now?"

The quick answer to what our plans for when Joe returns is: to settle in to our new duty location which will be Charleston AFB, SC.

But the answer isn't that easy.

When people ask me when Joe is coming back I say "Feb" and they usually say "Oh that's not so far away now! He'll be home soon!" Which is true - Feb is just around the corner and Joe will be back in the states; however I always feel like I have to follow that up with a "but..." because we're not automatically going to all be together after that. The whole separation thing won't be over.

Joe is still assigned to the base we were at in NM. He has to return there. He has to outprocess there before inprocessing at Charleston.

When we moved to MD we knew that we were going to stay here through June so Kayla could finish out this school year and not move in the middle of school again. That is still our plan. We thought Joe would be at his next assignment and he would be about a day's drive away and we could see him once a month figuring that would be for four months.

Well Joe doesn't report to Charleston until Aug. That throws a kink into a lot of things -namely that means he would remain in NM until that time (no he can't be temporarily assigned here in MD for those 6 months). The main problem with that is we signed out of base housing - he doesn't have a house to go back to and our stuff is in storage.

So right now the plan is for Joe to request an earlier report date for Charleston. Hopefully that will be approved. Once he gets there I'll go down there and we can either house-hunt, or get base housing (we're still trying to decide what we want to do). Once that is figured out we'll join him after Kayla's out of school.

As for where I see us in 18 months - right now I just see us settled in to our new assignment in SC!

And somewhere in the middle of all that I told Joe my plan for when we're all settled in SC is that I'm taking off by myself somewhere for a week so he and the kids can get reacquainted :) I have a friend from high school who is in GA and another friend from high school who will be in NC by that time next year. The 3 of us were always together in Germany and we're looking forward to a little reunion together :)

So there is the long answer of when Joe returns!

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Mom24 said...

Wow Michelle, that is overwhelming, isn't it? I wish you guys all the best. It's a shame it has to be so complicated once he's stateside. It seems like the military should do everything they can for those who have given so much, yet I know there also has to be an order to things. You'll all be in my prayers that things work out for the best.

Rachelle said...

oh my goodness! I want to thank you and Joe for your service to the military on behalf of our country. I think military spouses go through as much hardship,or more sometimes, than soldiers.

Thanks for hopping by my blog. it's always fun to connect with people from "close to home". But, i hope your husband is not stuck here in NM long and that he can come home to you!

Lacey said...

You definetely deserve that week away. I can't imagine how hard soldier life is. Ugh

Beverly said...

yes, you deserve that break! I hope he will be able to move up his date to relocate so you can all be closer. Praying all goes well!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh the silly answers of "That's not long now... right around the corner..."


It sure doesn't feel "right around the corner" when you're living it, does it.

I will cross my fingers for favor on the earlier outprocessing date!


Trace said...

Wow! That's a long process!! I can't imagine how hard it is!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know how you do this! I sure hope it goes smoothly!

mommaof4wife2r said...

good post...i love the honest insight. thanks.

some alone time...wow. that's def something to look forward to.

chelle said...

I think it is awesome that you are taking a week for yourself!! That sounds so much fun to get together with friends like that!

Dave and Rachel said...

wow, thanks for serving our country

A Captured Reflection said...

Definately a lot to think about and not just the hello, it's february I'm home scenario. I think the idea of you having a week off sounds brilliant and also your goals for the future...day by day, closer closer.

Sunny said...

Wow! Praying things work out and Joe can get an earlier transfer date. That would be so difficult to have him gone so long, than finally be back in the states and still be separated by such a long distance.

Denise said...

Sent you messages thru Facebook with what connections I have with Butterball, hope this help. In return I will fwd any updates to you:)

Calico Sky said...

Michelle, I'm sorry that you all face further delay in being reunited, I'll pray he gets special compensation and you can be together soon!

Mommy Bee said...

Our situation is so similar to yours and Joe's when my husband returns, too. My heart goes out to you. It's not easy, is it? Sometimes I try to explain the situation to others, and sometimes it's just easier to give them the shorter (and yet not-so-accurate) answer!
Sending you a hug!

Kristen said...

If you make that trip to NC, let me know!!!