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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Seen Through Loving Eyes

I always enjoy reading articles written by Beverly Beckham. Her granddaughter is six years old, and also has Down syndrome.

Her latest article is Seen Through Loving Eyes.

It starts out:
My granddaughter Lucy is six years old and is part of a class of people that is quietly being eliminated in my country. She has Down syndrome, a genetic condition that frightens so many women that 92 percent of those who learn they are carrying babies with it choose to abort.

Read the rest here.

Get It Down; 31 for 21

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Calico Sky said...

What a fabulous article. It brought tears to my eyes. I find it so upsetting, the value we place on life - like a sliding scale of who is most worthy, when actually all are worthy.

I'm going to enjoy this 31 for 21:)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Posted about your post today. I would love that additional testing be for education gathering purposes only. (As in the parents learning more prior to babies arrival.)

Amen to Calico Sky. We are ALL worthy. Who was it that said, "God don't make junk?"

A Captured Reflection said...

Really 92% as many as that? How very sad, tragic. Thanks to your site for making people aware of these regular, gorgeous children!

Mom24 said...

That's certainly a powerful beginning, isn't it? I'll check that out. Thanks.

Beverly said...

I enjoy reading her articles too.

Anonymous said...

It is a well written article, and so meaningful. I read this article via Life According to Emma and Joe last week. I made the mistake of reading the comments -- I can never shake off a negative comment too well when it come to Ds. Anyway, I agree with Calico Sky: We are ALL worthy in this life. We are LIFE. All of us.

Kim said...

How sad that 92% of those moms don't even realize what they are missing.

Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Wow Michelle. That is so powerful. It made me cry. About 6 months ago I heard that a someone I knew (a friend of a friend-someone I used to be friends with - just drifted apart), his wife and him aborted b/c of a higher probability of downs. Thankfully I heard from my friend b/c when I heard I flipped. I just couldn't hold back. I never would have said anything to them directly b/c it's no my place, but it hit me so hard. With all the infertility I had they had no idea how "easy" they had it getting pg so quickly. And they did not know for sure.

And I thought of you and Kayla. In recent years I've come to know a few people with children with Down Syndrome. ALL of them have gone on to have children after those with DS. I find that fact so telling.

Kayla is so lucky to have you and Joe. And I'm so glad I got to see you guys IRL yesterday. :)