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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


access/ABILITY is a temporary exhibit currently at Port Discovery. It runs through Jan 24, 2010.

From the website:
access/ABILITY is a highly interactive, yet sensitive, disability awareness exhibit that delivers the message to visitors that as human beings, we are more alike than different. This unique exhibits presents people living with disabilities as participants in the world and features fun and engaging activities that show the similarities and differences in how each of us with or without disabilities go places, communicate, have fun and learn! Learn phrases in American Sign Language, try a hand-pedaled bike, type your name in Braille and much more!

I loved that this exhibit was there when we were there earlier this month; I was interested in checking it out and seeing what it had to offer.

They had signs like this:
This sign reads: It is natural for people to have different abilities. But what does it mean to have a disability? Something about our body or mind is different and affects our ability to do things like walk, talk, see, hear, or learn. With or without disabilities, we all live, work, and play side by side. We are all human beings and we are more alike than different. Come find out how!

and this sign: Include Everyone. Each of us has something to share with others. We have our own likes, dislikes, talents, interests, and tastes. Show you value each person by including everyone in work, school, and play.

and this: What do you most enjoy doing? Playing sports? Drawing? Singing or dancing? We all have different interests and abilities. With or without a disability it is fun to spend time doing the things we love, and it feels great to get better and better with practice. Give it a try, just for fun!

This display had several different ways to pick up a ball and drop it in the hole. This way was wearing the helmet with an attached "scooper" and using only the motion of your head to scoop the ball and drop it in.

and here is Kayla giving the hand-pedaled bike a try:

Kudos to Boston's Children Museum (created the exhibit), MetLife Foundation (sponsored it nationally), and Port Discovery (for hosting it.)

What a great exhibit to see!

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ABandCsMom said...

Wow! That's something that everyone should see. Thanks for sharing.

Christina said...

That is awesome - I wish we had something like that here for me to take my kids.

Jennifer said...

That is really neat - I would love to have something like that around here. My niece, Tillie, got one of the hand pedaled bikes last year from the NWTC Lion's Club...and she absolutely loves it! It's so nice that these resources are available to you. :)

creative gal said...

That's great!!

Maureen said...

i was going to say. . . they have something like that at Boston. And then you said they created the exhibit. ha ha. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Sue said...

I liked that exhibit too. My girls loved the head scoop and mine also found the mechanical leg exhibit so interesting.

Nicki said...

That is very cool! It seems like it really focuses on what people with different disabilities CAN do, instead of what they CANNOT do, and ways that people are the same instead of ways that they are different.

datri said...

Wow, that's a cool exhibit! Don't think we'll get an appointment with Dr. Capone in time to see it, tho (it would help if I actually called them to make an appointment!).