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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Freebie

Freebies received: Scott products sample pack, Kotex overnights, and Yogi Tea.

For US
- Get a free sample of Members Mark Infant Formula.
- Request a free sample of Carefree.
- Get a free sample of Stayfree.
- Request a free sample of Parent's Choice Infant Formula.
- Get a free Nakano recipe booklet and coupon.
- Sign up for a free Omaha Steaks cookbook.
- Sign up for a free membership and get a free make-up bag.
- Get a free sample of Gain with Febreeze.

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Bailey's Leaf said...

Hey! Thanks for hopping by the blog for the Blog Hop '09 giveaway! If it makes you feel any better, I only knew about it from a WFMW posting from Pensieve. I panicked and thought TARGET! Everyone loves Target!

Thanks for the tips on more sale things. I think that I'll have to cruise by and check them out! Though, I do have enough to stock a small store. But I have to tell you, if someone comes to me in need, I turn no one down. Honestly, starting school is expensive enough and if flipping some school supplies to my nieces and nephew takes them where they need to go, it works for me.

JOE!! How exciting! Are you guys going to be able to get away for a little overnight or so? ;)

We miss you. I know that you can't get on much lately as you are a very, very busy mommy. Love seeing the kids grow up.

Big Sister said...

I love your Friday Freebie posts!

Love T