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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grains of Gratitude

1. I'm grateful I was able to attend a Handwriting Without Tears workshop yesterday - now I have a little better understanding of how to use this program (that I bought last year!) with Kayla. I'm grateful it was an easy drive to Alexandria, VA and back.

2. I'm grateful my mom didn't mind being home all day with both kids while I went to the workshop. And I do mean all day, I was gone from about 730-530. But her sister came to visit so she wasn't totally alone with the kids. :)

3. I'm grateful for the 'little things' in life...such as a melting a little bit of peanut butter with a piece of chocolate (like a Hershey's Bliss dark chocolate), stirring together and drizzling over vanilla ice cream....yuuummmm! It's my new weakness and indulgence.

4. I'm grateful everything was settled with regards to Kayla's placement for the next school year. I'm grateful I had a nice meeting with the principle and the confusion was cleared up. I'm also grateful I'm able to still be able to communicate with Joe all the way in Afghanistan over important matters like this. It helps being able to talk it over with him too.

5. I'm grateful that Kayla had such fun in her Kindergarten program...singing and dancing! At her preschool program she didn't move or sing much even though she loved singing the songs at home. Practicing at school without all the parents in the audience is a lot different then doing it live! I'm glad she participated more this year instead of standing still :) I'm grateful my sister was able to be at the K program too - I know Kayla loved having her Aunt Kelly there! And Kelly was able to help with filming so Joe could see too.

She cracks me up in this video. There are a couple spots in the song where the kids hold hands, but B (the boy next to her) tries to hold her hand a couple times when they weren't supposed to and she's so funny not wanting to hold his hand at those times. She knew they were supposed to be doing other hand movements, but she was perfectly fine to hold his hand when they were supposed to. And at the end it's quiet before the kids start singing "la la la la"' but Kayla starts a little early so you hear her singing "la la la la" before everyone else.

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Chrystal said...

So cute! I love the raiiinbow, "sight to see", and kiss motions. :-)

Ruby's Mom said...

I love the Handwriting Without Tears writing program,I have used it with some of my younger kids.That is super you got to go to the seminar.
Love the video!Kayla did great!!

Jessica said...

Hey! I was with you when you bought the Handwriting Without Tears at the convention!!

Sue said...

That is so cute.

I'd love to hear more about the workshop. I have those books too and wish I knew abou the workshop. :) Glad you can use it better now.

AZ Chapman said...

nice program. I will contact u via facebook about dc

btw what did u dicide

Tricia said...

Oh my goodness! That is just TOO cute. The La La La just kills me! :)

The Girls' Mommy said...

I love it! She looked so cute, and totally knew all those moves!

much more than a mom said...

I have to take the full HWT training soon too. I generally dislike PD workshops, but I hear it's a gooder!

Mike said...

A great memory there.


Twitter: AboutParenting

LauraJ said...

That video was the cutest!! Congratulations Kayla on your first school year Well done!!

Carol N. said...

Kayla did awesome! It's not easy to do that in front of everyone (distractions and all that).

Favourite part was the "sight to see" - too cute for words!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

very cute - kayla really loved singing and doing the motions, you could just tell :)

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

So cute!! Lots to be grateful for this week. Oh and that ice cream treat sounds soooo YUMMY!!

Anonymous said...

awwww that was so adorable!!!!!!! I was smiling the whole time! Kayla was so cute!!!! I love her La la la!!!!
love ya,

As We Sail... said...

She was being very animated, you can tell she was enjoying herself.