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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Down Syndrome Convention

This year the National Down Syndrome Congress annual convention is in Sacramento, CA from July 31-Aug 2.

Last year we attended our first convention in Boston and had such a great time there - especially making connections by meeting several blogger friends.

I'd love to go again this year, and really wish I was, but I just don't think flying across the country to CA is in the cards for me/us this year. I'm bummed to be missing out on such a wonderful convention.

If you are going to the convention and want to meet up with some other bloggers, Monica from Monkey Musings and Lisa from Genetically Enhanced came up with a great idea for fellow bloggers to identify each other amongst the crowds. Check out the new blog DS Bloggers where you can see who else is going and get an ID Badge made that you can print out and wear so others can spot you easily. What a great idea!

For those that are going to convention - have fun! Hopefully we'll be there next year :)

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Junior said...

too bad you can't make it this year, we live very near Sac.

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for posting this! And we'll be making the badges and giving them to everyone at NDSC (hopefully to be included in their registration packets!)... so we hope to see everyone there! By the way, can't take full credit for this idea, it stemmed from Monica at Monkey Musings ;-) Thanks again for getting the word out!

Bonnie said...

I am sad not to be going too. In fact it was in Boston last year where I got to meet your Mom and Kayla. I was looking for you too but never found you. I really loved the convention and hope to be able to go in the future.
Ann R. (in DC)

AZ Chapman said...

i might go

Monica Crumley said...

Thanks for posting this, Michelle. Can't wait to meet other bloggers. I've made 10 badges so far... I'm hoping to hear from lots more bloggers! We're going to print them here and put them in plastic badge holders to clip onto their Convention lanyards. Very easy...

Sue said...

Bummer it's so far this year. I know I got so much out of the food allergy conference this year. I am looking forward to next year's already.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm soooo looking forward to my first convention experience. I can't believe it's in my hometown! What are the chances of that?!?!?