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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

T21 Traveling Afghan

CJ has come up with a great idea for the Down syndrome blogging community. She is going to make a small afghan that will be sent from family to family along with a journal. Each family will keep the afghan and journal for a short period, take a picture with it, and record some thoughts in the journal before it gets sent on to the next family on the list.

What a fun project to get involved with! For more information visit Little Miss E.

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Michelle said...

Isn't this cool!! I can't wait.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Hi Michelle,

I know I haven't commented in such a long LONG time! But I do still read from time to time as I get on the computer, but that's so much less often than it used to be. Anyway, I read tonight for the first time about Joe's deployment, and I'm crying. There is just something about having met you in person and seeing your sweet love for one another and knowing what a kind heart you are with such a desire to do so well by your family that just, makes it hard to read that you'll be apart for so long. Please know I will be adding you to my permanant prayer list and something else. Something there is no longer any way to say so that it seems as sincere and compassionate as I want it to. I APPRECIATE, DEEPLY APPRECIATE AND ADMIRE all you give up as a family to protect the rest of us. REALLY!!! It is so very selfless and admirable and humbling and sacrificial and you amaze me in so many ways with your quiet, unassuming strength. Please know I will be praying for each of you seperately in the various roles you hold in Joe's deployment. It is the very very least I can do. Really. God Bless you over and over. (And not to minimize this message, but to add something lighter but completely true - I love your hair. It looks so different from when we met you.)