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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Freebie

This week I received the free Child Safety Kit, Sunsilk shampoo, Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Stouffer's dinner club reusable tote, and Quaker True Delights Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond.

Feb 24th is National Pancake Day at IHOP - get a free order of short stack buttermilk pancakes (3) per person from 7am-10pm.

For US:
- Request a free sample of Selsun Blue.
- Try a free sample of Quaker True Delights.
- Get a free sample of Viva paper towels.
- Request a free sample of Huggies Soft Skin Baby Wipes with Shea Butter.
- Fill out the form for a free sample of Degree Men Absolute Protection.
- Get a free American Heart Association healthy recipes cookbook.

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mommaof4wife2r said...

i went on over and got my a heart smart cookbook after spinning the wheel. it actually was entertaining and enlightening.

Melissa said...

You're the bomb! How do you get these things? Any how, THANK YOU!!!

Ellen said...

Thanks, as always! Especially excited to hear about IHOP, as I worship that place.

Michelle, I passed an award over to you at my blog, grab it when you have a chance!

Bek said...

I just caught up... sorry that you will be on your own for the next year. Antoher friend of mine is getting her husband back very soon after a 15 month deployment. That is so so so hard for families.

I loved to catch up on your kids... your little man and my Gracie are close to the same age...

Have a great week...

Chrystal said...

Thanks so much for these posts! I requested every item. I love getting fun stuff in the mail.

Overwhelmed! said...


I sent Joe a letter yesterday. Sorry, no goodies this time because I'm not back from Hawaii yet, but I figured I could at least send him a letter.

Oh, and I signed up for all the Freebies. Thanks!

Sari said...

Thanks for stopping by Michelle and thank you for the well wishes.

I love your Friday Freebie posts and have passed your website on - thank you so much for doing it!

BTW, I think we are going to be not too far from each other soon! Would love to meet up sometime ..

Thinking of you all and keeping Joe in our prayers.