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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Freebie

For US:
- Sign up with Box Tops for Education and receive a free My Fruit Roll-Up
Fruit Roll-ups

- Register to receive a free Murad Resurgence® 3 Step Regimen Sampler
- Order a Free shopping tote and pay just $2.49 for S&H
- Request a set of free holiday recipe cards from Real Butter.
- Free materials for teachers from Teach Free
- For pet owners: sign up with Dogster/Caster to receive a free Febreeze Pet Pal Pack.
- Enter the Dress to the Sevens sweepstakes and get a free sample of Tide Total Care.

For US/Canada:
Join the Taste For Life Product Review Panel and receive free product samples to try in your home and provide to your friends and family. As a Product Review Panel member, you will be able to provide product feedback directly to the manufacturers of the samples that you receive.

For Canada:
- Get a free sample of Regular Strength Motrin IB.

For UK:
- Get a free sample of Olay Total Effects 7 in 1.

For Worldwide:
- Get a free environmentally-friendly tote bag from Mantra.
- You can download the free Countdown to Christmas 2008 booklet - Daily messages and fun-filled activities will spark your children’s creativity and imagination during the holiday season. The booklet also features a weekly page for writing prayers to God that encourages kids to tune in to their spiritual nature. If you live in the US or Canada you can order a free copy. They also offer other free inspirational materials.
- If you're looking for ways to "go green" sign up with Ideal Bite - Get short, sassy eco-living tips delivered to your inbox.

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