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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

21 More Things About Kayla

Last year I posted 21 Things Kayla Says and I previously posted 50 Things About Kayla, so it's time for an updated list for 31 for 21.

21 New/More Things About Kayla

1. Kayla used to call Sleeping Beauty, Night Night Beauty.

2. When I'm putting a belt on my pants she calls it a seat belt.

3. When she plays Chutes and Ladders Kayla likes to land on the slides.

4. She can finally say Cup instead of pup.

5. Likewise with Apple instead of papple and Pizza instead of zizza.

6. Whenever Kayla sees a pumpkin- even one pumpkin by itself on a page, or in a store, or wherever, she'll say "look Mommy! A pumpkin patch!"

7. She loves V8 Fusion Fruit & Vegetable Juice - and I love that she gets a full serving of fruit and a full serving of vegetables when she drinks this!

8. She loves banana bread.

9. When Joe comes home from work she greets him like he's been gone for months...every single time. "Daddy! You home!" and runs up to him giving him a big hug.

10. Kayla is a Daisy girl scout this year.

11. She likes most fruits; apples and bananas being among her favorites.

12. Veggies - she'll usually eat raw baby carrots and cucumbers.

13. She's such a copycat. If Lucas coughs and I say "aaww Lucas" she'll fake cough until I say "aaw Kayla." Same with sneezing. "Bless you Lucas" is followed by a fake sneeze or two from Kayla.

14. Whatever Lucas is eating is so much more interesting than what she has, but of course! Those Gerber puffs? She keeps wanting to have "just one" or "a bite" even though I keep telling her she has a pantry full of her own snacks that Lucas can't have.

15. Joe made pancakes on Sunday. Kayla had a plate full of pancakes with strawberries and Cool Whip. Joe made some itty bitty pancakes for Lucas - guess who wanted those pancakes!

16. We can tell how much she's grown this past year because she is able to turn the lights on. And off. When she stretches until she can't stretch anymore she can get the tip of her finger on the light switch and pull it down.

17. She likes to turn her bedroom light on at 330 in the morning. That's how I know she needs to go to the bathroom. Thank goodness she falls right back to sleep!

18. She likes to act out parts of The Wizard of Oz.

19. She likes "mothering" Lucas. If he coughs she pats his back "oh Bubbas, ok?" If he grunts she says "uh oh, Lucas poopoo!" and runs to get the diaper basket. She tries to help by wiping him too. She likes to feed him...and she was so nice to give him a bite of her PB&J sandwich the other day (and my first thought was he's not supposed to have peanut butter yet!).

20. She loves to sing Laurie Berkner's Mister - you should hear her say "Mister elephant, living in a tent" - probably her favorite part. Or maybe it's the line "and all the animals I've ever seen" - she practically yells that part.

21. She can be so sweet sometimes; she just melts our hearts.

Get It Down; 31 for 21

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Chris said...

Number 3 really made me smile. The slides are more fun aren't they. Who cares if they put you farther away from the finish line. Shouldn't it be more about having fun than winning anyway? :)

Mom24 said...

My oldest always LOVED 'Seepin' Booty'. He watched it over and over. That list is too cute. Good for you for taking the time to compile it...what memories.

Jessie said...

Our Avery says "pumpkin patch" every time he sees a pumpkin too - I don't correct him - I don't want him to grow out of it anytime soon!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful and sweet child she is! You are blessed.

annie said...

She is so cute!!!

Jeanette said...

This was very sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kayla has changed and grown!! Now, why should that surprise me....that is a natural progession of childhood.... they grow!!!! :)but, I do love your 21 comments.. again it is seeing into the daily life of Kayla!!!!

Kelly loved the "wizard of oz" too.. then when she was a little bit older, she was frightened by the ugly witch on the bicycle( of course the music playing along with the witch riding on the bicyle did not help any either)... I loved the part where every time when Joe comes home from work Kayla runs to greet him with the same greeting "daddy your home" and than lots of hugs.... :) Love mom/grandma

ChupieandJ'smama said...

She is so sweet! I love Night Night Beauty:)

Amy said...

Michelle, she melts ALL our hearts! Is it weird to you that I love her so much and have never met her? I just really love all my blogging friends and their kids and my friends I see in real life don't get it. Maybe it's because none of them blog or read blogs.
Their loss!

mum2brady said...

Ohhh this list just melts my heart!!! Kayla is so darling - I love your cute girl!

jessica @ raising joey said...

I just posted Joey's 21 things the other day too!!

Sue said...

I LOL over the night night Beauty. :) Kayla LOVES banana bread too. She also loves zucchini bread and pumpkin bread.

Love those - thanks for sharing.

Beth said...

Such a lovely post!! I shall have to do this for my girls at some point....

Kayla sounds like a doll!