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Monday, July 07, 2008

Mother Talk Book Tour - Nana Star

I've been able to review some books for myself via Mother Talk, but this time I had the opportunity to review a children's book with Kayla. We were sent Nana Star, Nana Star and the Moonman, Nana Star doll, and the Moonman.

Kayla was excited when the box arrived as I told her it was an early birthday present; she couldn't wait to open it. Nice sister that she is, she immediately gave Lucas the Moonman and he seemed to take a liking to it right away! He likes looking at the big, smiley, yellow face! When you press the star on the tummy the face glows and it plays a lullaby. My only suggestion is a volume control as the lullaby is a bit loud; other than that he's very cuddly!

Kayla carried Nana Star around with her all afternoon, and she shares her with Lucas too. Perfect for little hands to grasp on to! The doll has a little star and a tree limb on her arms, just like in the book.

The books themselves are a fun adventure to read. The little girl finds a lost baby star and is on a quest to return the star to the sky, thus she is called "Nana Star." The next book has Nana Star meeting the Moonman who helps to calm her fears when she feels scared and alone.

The first two stories in the character-building Nana Star series promote positive values in a simple, imaginative manner accessible to the littlest listeners. Each book introduces a new friend who helps Nana Star on her way by embodying a traditional virtue.

One of the unique aspects to these books that I really like is that each book has a purposefully misspelled word. All Nana Star stories feature a mistake because Nana Star believes that in life we all make mistakes, yet, even with those mistakes, we can still create something beautiful. She reminds us that only God can make all things perfect! What a wonderful way to get a positive message across to young kids! You can also send Nana Star a note correcting the mistake and become an honorary member of the Nana Star Little Twinkles Club.

For the story behind Nana Star: Elizabeth Owens created the stories behind Nana Star from the stories she told her grandchildren as a way to keep in touch with them.

Each book comes with a CD that has the story plus a song. A portion of the proceeds from sales is donated to the Nana Star Foundation, which benefits terminally ill children and under-resourced urban schools.

We're watching for the next book in the series so we can find out who Nana Star befriends next, and how she gets the little star back where he belongs!

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Anonymous said...

If you like this, you should check out Bayard's Storybox range. They have guest illustrator Helen Oxenbury of Alice in Wonderland fame, for one of their stories in September - StoryBoxBooks

StephthefutrRxDr said...

Aww that's sweet that she was so eager to share with her baby brother, what a doll she is.

Anonymous said...

Kayla is a GREAT BIG SISTER!!!!
the mooman doll looks as tall as Lucas...Lucas is lucky to have Kayla as a sister!! I think, I have said this before, but it is true. :)What fun and interesting stories and you get stuffed dolls with these books ,too? Cannot wait to see you all in Boston!!! love mom/grandma

Heidi said...

Sounds cute, we will have to check it out. Thanks for the research. And oh my, Lucas is getting sooo big. I was just gone for a few weeks, and I return to my computer to find this big boy. Adorable.

Daisy said...

The Nana Star stories sound so sweet. How nice of Kayla to share with her baby brother! She's a generous Big Sister.

joan said...

This sounds so cute and your little guy is a doll. What a sweet big sis Kayla is to want to share. I'll have to check it out for my grandbabies.

Mike said...

Looks like a great read.


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Stephanie said...

I got the chills from the desciption. That is awesome.

I wasn't sure if you would see my response to you on my blog, so here it is:

I won't have Megan with me this year at the convention. Boo Hoo.
But wanted to share this post from downsyn with you.

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Laura said...

We love to read at our house and read all day long! I can't believe Mr. Lucas way to cute in his bumbo, isn't it great! Wish they had had the bumbo years ago, we have the same color. glad your summer is going well!

Nancy M. said...

She's such a sweet big sister to share her present. The books sound really cute.

Overwhelmed! said...

These books sound great! And how fun that they come with dolls too! I love that picture of Lucas. He's such a cutie pie.

So, I’m stopping by and let you know that I’ve got some free books up for grabs in my July Pay It Forward Book Exchange. Come on over if you’re interested in entering to win or even hosting your own PIF giveaway this month!

Tammy said...

These books sound really cute...and how sweet of Kayla to share with her baby brother like that!

Sabrina said...

What a great big sister! Just started blogging recently. My daughter has DS and is 2 1/2. Check out my blog http://growingupwithabbi.blogspot.com

Leaving for Boston tomorrow and the NDSC National Conference!

Anonymous said...

aww Lucas looks so adorable. What a wonderful big sister he has!!I think it is so sweet how she shared with her brother right away. Kayla is such a sweet little girl!!
love ya,

elena patrice said...

Endless thanks and appreciation of your thoughtful and kind review of Nana Star. We are so happy you and you children enjoyed getting to know Nana Star and friends - beautiful photos too!

We hope her "many other friends" find their way to your home and blog in the future!

Much kindness & laughter,

ee (elizabeth & elena, authors/publishers of Nana Star)

elena patrice said...

Oh, one more important bit of info . . . did you know that July was "National Blueberry Month"! Yep! Celebrate Big Blueberry Eyes!!