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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Signing Time Sale

Signing Time fans - have you seen this yet?

Signing Time has just released their latest DVD set: My House, My Things, and Helping Out Around The House. They are offering a Spring Cleaning Bundle Gift Set. Order the 3 DVDs and you'll receive 72 ST stickers, 4 chore charts, an ST cleaning cloth, and the music CD.

Just wanted to pass that along...

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Tammy said...

The video sounds so fun!

And I just scrolled down to read your Thankful post...loved it, the photos...and most of all that video of Lucas rolling over!
Wow, did that bring back memories for me...that was just precious!

Beck said...

You know, I SHOULD order that! Thanks!

Karen said...

That's a great deal! Thanks for sharing.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

We are sure fans over here! I just noticed that our library has the complete set. I may wait to see if they order it or not.
The music cd's are great! I think my kids like those better than the DVDs sometimes!


Tara said...

Payton loves this show! I'm so happy it's on PBS now - we have dvr'd so many episodes (ofcourse, I like it too!).

Amy said...

Hi Michelle! I haven't been blogging much lately--so I just saw the Pre-K/K dilemma. We are in the exact same boat with Joe. At his (3 hour!!!) I.E.P. we decided to put him in a classroom called "young 5s" for the mornings and he will go to his early childhood class in the afternoons (all at the same elementary school where he has been for 2 years). Now, I am not sure if that is the right decision. He could also go to the special ed. classroom for kindergarten OR to the mainstream kindergarten (where his sister went) with a parapro. It is such a tough choice and I really don't know what is best for him. What did you decide to do?