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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Contest Time!

Have you heard of the new movie Mamma Mia opening this summer? It looks like a great, funny movie - I may actually get to the theater this summer!

Ponds is the exclusive skincare sponsor of this movie and they are looking for 3 women who are 40+ and fabulous to to star in London at the world premier!

If you live close enough you can go audition in NYC on Mon, Apr 28th...otherwise you can enter online. Ponds is looking for the trio of women who best embody the sassiness, sexiness and confidence of Donna & the Dynamos from the movie, MAMMA MIA!.

To enter online: Invite two of your best 40-plus-and-fabulous girlfriends to form a trio with you. Select and download one of the songs from MAMMA MIA! Make a video of your trio performing your selected song and submit the video by Apr 30th.

Good luck!

Another contest in the blogging world is courtesy of Christina. She is giving away a pair of Vincent shoes. Kayla won a pair of these last year from The Opinionated Parent and she has really worn hers out and could use a new pair!

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O Mama Mia said...

Oh fun! A play about my blog! HA!! I've seen the reviews & I soooo wanna see it, though!
I have a wee giveaway started too!

Poppy and Peony said...

For the first time in my life I wish I was 40!!!!!

I am seeing that movie because Colin Firth is in it, that's reason enough for me!!

Nisa said...

Mmm. I love Colin Firth! I saw the play back in 2003 with my mom and Lani and two other friends. It was awesome. The whole audience was standing and singing along with the performers onstage. We even had our picture taken with some of the cast after the show. I hope the movie is just as good. Alas, I'm not 40 yet, so no contest for me.

Tara said...

I loved the play Mamma Mia!!! Can't wait to see the movie :)