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Saturday, March 01, 2008

One Week

I can't believe it's already been a week since Lucas made his arrival. One week since these little feet were still pushing against my ribs!

Before long I'll be saying it's been a month, then 6, then a year!

I guess it was fitting that he had me up at 12:25 this morning!

We're still settling in, trying to find our groove with nursing and sleeping. He still falls asleep so quickly while nursing that I'm only able to nurse about 10, sometimes 15 min at a time. Then he wakes up and we try again. He's definitely a more frequent nurser than Kayla.

I'm not sleep deprived - yet! Feels like we're getting there though. I don't think he really has his days and nights mixed up because we're not having the problem of him wanting to actually be awake at night. He wants to sleep, he just doesn't sleep as easily as he does during the day.

During the day there isn't any problem with sleeping. I nurse him, he falls asleep and stays asleep. He hardly stirs if he leaves my arms and I put him on the couch, or swing.

Nighttime is a different story. I nurse him, he falls asleep, I try to put him down in the bassinet and he wakes up after just a few minutes looking for something to suck on.

I tried swaddling him but he fights his way out of that (I haven't tried any of the swaddle blankets yet though). I tried having him sleep in the swing, which did seem to work ok, but because it sits on the ground he felt kind of cool to me. I have the heavier sleeper blankets, so maybe I'll try that again.

The problem seems to be at night he wants/needs something to suck on to stay asleep, but he doesn't do that during the day. He's perfectly fine sleeping without anything in his mouth.

I broke out the pacifier (we didn't use one with Kayla, and she didn't particularly care for them either, plus she was an easier sleeper). He didn't take to it the first few times, but try and try again and he'll take it sometimes now.

He was sucking on it last night like there was no tomorrow so I thought it was going to work. I watched his body slowly relax, I saw him fall into a nice sleep, saw the pacifier fall out and he still stayed asleep - which lasted all of a minute. I put the pacifier back in his mouth and repeat over and over and over again. He just couldn't fall into a nice deep sleep. I nursed him again, he fell asleep, but again woke up shortly after I put him down. I finally brought him to bed with us - still having to put the pacifier back in his mouth until he finally, finally, fell asleep.

What good is the pacifier, really, if they're going to wake up every time it falls out of their mouth and they obviously can't get it and put it back in at this stage! LOL I just wonder why he can sleep during the day with out needing anything in his mouth to stay asleep. Hopefully we'll figure this all out soon enough!

I do enjoy watching him sleep though - is there anything sweeter than a sleeping newborn?

And here is a blast from the past - Kayla sleeping on the same boppy pillow :)

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Siobhan Marie Tully said...

He is so adorable Michelle. I am sure he will soon take to sleeping during the night properly rather than the day. Is it noisy in the house when he sleeps during the day, just trying to think as its obviously quite at night he may like noise???

Anyway I have no other words of wisdom other than to enjoy these very precious moments as he will grow up so fast.

Take Care and make sure you get lots of rest to.

Love Siobhan xx

Anonymous said...

I agree, there is nothing sweeter than a baby, newborn, sleeping!! He looks so CUTE!! Thanks for getting a close up shot of his tiny baby feet!!!!!! You know how much I love to look at their tiny toes and kiss them.... :)(only baby toes , that is :). Loved the blast from the past, a pic of Kayla sleeping on the pillow... awwwwwww. brings back memories..... I love you all... Grandma/ mom

amy flege said...

I am so glad to hear that everything is going so well for you guys! We had the same problem with Rylee as a baby when getting her to get to sleep. I used the playtex nurser at the time and finally ended up just giving her the nipple off the bottle as a binky and presto! it worked!!! she sucked on that thing until was two!! but hey, we got sleep! I am sure you will find something to pacify him!! congrats again!

Rachel said...

Your children are precious. I love the sleeping pictures. He looks just like his sister too. I would never have known I was looking at two different babies.

Omaha Mama said...

Aw, Michelle, he's just gorgeous. Congrats again.

I have to say, my little guy had that SAME sleeping problem. I slept with him on the couch (him on my upper chest) for, I'm not kidding, the first two months. He just would NOT sleep. Then I bought a Miracle Blanket online (way more than I wanted to spend, but had heard they work) and it was wonderful! Mason was 3 months by then and I wished I had it from the start. You swaddle the baby in it with their arms at their side, which actually helps calm them. It was really amazing, he slept 6 hrs that first night, which was fine since he was older. If you can, I would really look into it. I loved it!

Good luck to you, I know trying to figure sleeping/eating habits can be so tricky with a newborn.

Karen said...

So very gorgeous I want to give him a cuddle. I am at the stage where I am finished having children, but rather partial to giving new babies a love or two. I hope that the sleeping patterns come right for you soon. Our son would wake up 3 or 4 hourly during the night and day. Our daughter was pretty good at night but refused to sleep in the day virtually altogether for the first 10 weeks.
She didn't cry heaps just had to 'see' me during the day and had no desire to be alone in her room.

Is it really a week? So fast!

Joy said...

Oh, I love those pictures of both of your sweet babies!

I'm still working on getting my 8 MONTH OLD to sleep. She's a catnapper during the day and only sleeps well at night if she's right next to me. I don't mind though - because she is so sweet and cuddly! And she's my last baby to cuddle! (I think...)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ohhhh SO precious! OK so my 10 month old STILL doesn't sleep well at night. GRRR

That being said, have you tried a wubbanub pacifier?! They are GREAT for newborns... and OH so cute! Check them out here: http://www.wubbanub.com/

Nisa said...

Sooo cute! I love the pic of his little feet! WOW! Lucas looks so much like Kayla. Those are great pics of them on the same boppy. I remember that pic of Kayla. Doesn't seem like almost 5 years have passed... I love watching newborns sleep. I did that so often with my kids that it became a semi regular thing. I still watch them sleep sometimes. I'm sure Lucas will get into a good sleep routine soon. love you!

Tammy said...

Wow, Michelle...those baby pictures are simple precious! I mean, all babies sleeping are sweet, but there are particularly sweet!
(And he and Kayla definitely resemble one another!)

Ahh, yes...those first few weeks...each baby is different, but it's always a challenge nursing every few hours and getting enough rest during those first few weeks.
And finding the right "routine" together sometimes takes awhile...but hang in there!

My littlest baby will be turning SIX in April...really, she was just a little baby like yesterday, where did the time go? Sniff!

Me said...

Aww such a cute little guy :)


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

How beautiful! I think the pacifier can be a big frustration sometimes. I remember the nights Preston would wake up every time it fell out. Nowadays, he puts it back in on his own!

Love the pictures!

LauraJ said...

oh those itty bitty toes!!! he looks like daddy. :D babies are cute when they sleep. now if only he'd sleep at night!

Karen said...

Oh, those pictures are precious! I love the baby feet, the close up on the boppy and the magical babiness.

Karly said...

What a beautiful sleeping baby you have! Well both of them, actually.

Kailey never took a pacifier either and she was also a super easy sleeper...it makes me a little uneasy for our new addition!

I hope you get a little rest soon.

Tracey said...

Ok, so here's me, reading this post:

"Oh! He's so cute! Looks like Kayla..."


"Gasp! He DOES look like Kayla!"

I quoted myself verbatim.

Can you believe that she was ever that tiny? Crazy, huh?

Hope the sleeping works out sooner than later for you guys. He is absolutely adorable, Michelle!

Michelle said...

Wow, that is wild to think those feet were pushing on your ribs, such a short time ago! He is just so adorable!

And I love your boppy :) We've had ours since Braden - who is now 4, so that must've been THE boppy at that time!

Sara said...

Wow do they look alike eh! He is beautiful!!!!!!! Congrats again. Nathaniel is 9 today, so I know how fast time goes!!

Anonymous said...

He is just so sweet! There is nothing sweeter then watching a newborn sleep. I loved to watch all three of mine sleep. Lucas has such cute little feet. He is just so cute. I miss having a little one around. Enjoy every moment they grow up too fast!
take care and love ya,

Sue said...

The only think sweet than a newborn sleeping, is one sleeping on you. I miss those days. Although it is harder to enjoy those time when you have an older child.

It can be frustrating trying to find the groove that works for each baby.

Those pictures are just too cute!

Jen said...

Wow...he is beautiful. What a miracle from God...enjoy these days...you know they leave so fast.....precious.

~Melissa~ said...

Beautiful photos! I hope the sleeping things gets worked out for you soon. I love the little baby feet.

Anonymous said...

A week? Already? Wow.

Michelle, he is ADORABLE. I love that little face.

Shelley said...

Michelle - he is just beautiful - I LOVE the sleeping photoes. Hope he finds his groove soon!

Every minute counts.... said...

Love the pictures. Makes me want another baby :(
He is so sweet looking. I love the sleeping pictures those are always my favs. I do think that I see some of a similarity there with his big sister!


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

He is just adorable....wish I had words of wisdom..but it has been so many years. I hope he figures it out.

Much More Than A Mom said...

Try a Miracle Blanket - expensive but SO worth it! Good luck! ;-)

AZmomto7 said...

How precious, congratulations, he is adorable. I have not had time to check in since we got home from Ukraine. I am glad to see everything is going well!

amanda said...

Awww-sweet, beautiful babies!

I had the same problem with my 3rd child-would fall asleep, but as soon as I put her in the bassinette, or anywhere off of me she woke up. After the first 3 nights of this I was delirious-so, we slept in the recliner together for the first month, which was a first for me.

I just took a sheet and pulled it tight across us, and tucked it under my bottom and legs so she wouldn't go anywhere.

I think during the day before baby is born mom is walking/moving around during the day, and baby is lulled to sleep in the "cradle", and at night mom is still so baby wakes up-just my theory, but I hope it gets better soon for you.

The pic of his tiny feet and toes is sooo cute!

Corey~living and loving said...

love the pics. we had the same boppy. :)

oh and you just stated why I ending up co-sleeping. She just wouldn't stay asleep without me near at night. sigh.....but the time was fleeting....and I miss those days.

Glo said...

Preaious Post.

amber said...

Oh my word, girl! I could have written this exact same post. Nathan is sleeping so well during the day and horrible at night. IN fact, I have gone against everything I said I would with having kiddos and let him sleep with us every single night since he has been born. That seems to be the only way any of us gets any sleep, but I am ready to have our bed back. He constantly wants to nurse when he sleeps with us at night.

We are using the paci also, but is seems to fall out a lot at night. I have finally resorted to letting him sleep on his stomach...I know, I know, bad mother. But that is the ONLY way he will sleep that is not in my arms. I am praying like mad that he is okay on his tummy. :)

amber said...

Oh, and Nate hates being swaddled. I even have a swaddle blanket that I use with him, and he just pitches a fit when he is in it. I don't know why. :)

DeAnna said...

What precious pictures!! You're right, nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. :) And I LOVE baby toes... and fingers, and their little ears.... :)

Dena said...

I could seriously sop him up with a biscuit he's sooo stinkin' cute! REALLLLLY!

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Air Force Family said...

Oh, Michelle, Lucas is absolutely adorable. I love all the sweet pics of him.

Anonymous said...

What precious pictures! I love babies!

Tarrah said...

He is so beautiful Michelle! And I can't believe how much him and Kayla look alike in those pictures :)

I hope your feeling well and enjoying your family of 4 now

cookie said...

you have a beautiful family.