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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

I finally get a chance to get online and post my gratitude list!

I'm grateful ...

1. That it is Dec! One more month to get through and Joe will be home! I think we'll stay busy enough here that it'll pass quickly, unfortunately for Joe it's like "groundhog day" every day so the time may not pass as quickly for him!

2. I was able to go back to water aerobics this week...they had been closed for 3 weeks to fix the pool so I hadn't gone since the first time. It was nice to get back in the pool and get a work out.

3. I was able to bring Kayla to a playgroup they have in town and she had so much fun. There was a guy from the newspaper there taking pictures. There wasn't an actual article in the paper about the playgroup, but the pictures were in the online photo album. Here is one he took of Kayla:

4. The base chapel has a huge tree out front they decorate with lights...Kayla and I went for the tree lighting ceremony and she loved it! Her teacher was there so we hung out with her for a little while. The MC called all the kids up to put their hand on the switch and help him light the tree. By the time I got Kayla up front there wasn't enough room for her to touch the switch, much less see most of the tree from where we were. So I picked her up and we counted down from 5 then the lights came on and she was so excited! She yelled out "I did it!" then ran back through the crowd to her teaching yelling the whole way "Ms Jarrell I did it!" She's so funny sometimes! We headed to the annex for cookie, drinks, and a visit with Santa.

5. Since Sat was the first of the month it was "Give Parents A Break" so I was able to drop Kayla off at the Child Development Center and have some time to myself. Unfortunately I had to go to the commissary and by the time I got done there, got gas, put groceries away, and made lunch it seemed my time was almost up! I didn't get to scrapbook like I wanted, but I did get some reading in so that was nice. After I picked her up we were off for a joint birthday party for her friends Harrison and Faith. Busy day for Kayla!

6. I'm 28 weeks today - 7 months! I can't believe there are only 3 months left before we become a family of 4!

Have a great week!

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Omaha Mama said...

And what a change that is! Becoming a family of four. I'm so excited for you. And curious what your thoughts are on making Kayla a big sister. Are you nervous? Do you worry about #2 being healthy? I remember when we were getting ready to have Mason, how worried I was about Brenna and how she would take it. And of course, it all turned out fine. :-)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Loved the picture of Kayla...it is adorable. And she was to cute about lighting the tree.

I hope this month goes by very fast.

And your tummy is to cute. Almost there.

Karen said...

Give parents a break is a wonderful idea isn't it? I love that pic of Kayla too. What fun! You have so much variety in your life Michelle, makes me want to get up and try something new. Lovely tummy shot - you look fab!

Kerry said...

Wow - I can't beleive Joe will be home in a month! I know it didn't fly by for you, but it did over here!

Give Parents a Break day sounds fabulous - once a week would be nice ~

Julie said...

Give parents a break day sounds fab. I would take that time to really get into cleaning. I love to just blast the stereo and go nuts but I can't do that with Noah. My cleaning routine is very haphazard these days. By the way you look great.

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe you only have a few months to go! You look great! And I love that photo of Kayla from playgroup. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the tree lighting event!

Megan's got 47 said...

look at that tiny belly of yours. too cute...I was never that petite with any of my pregnancy's.
Always love your lists!!!!

annie said...

The tree lighting story was so cute!
I'm so glad it's only one more month... having a second child sure changes things. The first thing I noticed after having each child was that the older child immediately looked so big!

jennifergg said...

I love everything about your blog...your love, your faith, your determination. YOU are in my grains of gratitude.

And I've been pulling for you all this time, every day. I know how hard it was for Tom to be gone six weeks...you have the grace and courage of a true soldier. I truly appreciate you, and Joe, and I thank you both (and Kayla and baby too!)


Catch said...

You are growing Michelle! I cannot believe you are already 7 months!!! Got my pic of Kayla in the mail....thank you! Also the pic of her on this post is so cute!!! She is so photogenic!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Great belly picture and what a great photo of Kayla! Sounds like you all had a busy but great week. I'm sure December will just fly by with all the holiday excitement! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

amber said...

Oh, what a beautiful belly. :) I think you are exactly 2 weeks ahead of me in the baby department. I hope that this month is extremely speedy for you and Kayla, and you will have your husband in your arms in no time. What an amazing thought, huh?

Having 2 kiddos is a BLAST!!

Karen said...

You always do the most fun things with Kayla! I cannot believe you're as far along as all that with such a tiny tummy. I looked like that at 2 months. Seriously. Things will really start rolling now. December will keep you busy, then Joe home, then the baby. It makes me smile just thinking of it.

LauraJ said...

What a cute photo of you cradling your tummy! It brought tears to my eyes.

Every minute counts.... said...

I am sure that you are counting down the minutes until Joe gets home! Kayla and the tree lighting..that so sounds like something Abi would do!
I can't believe only 4 more months until the baby is here.


~Melissa~ said...

What a great photo of Kayla. I hope this month speeds by for you and Joe is home in no time.

Tammy said...

This was so fun to read! How exciting that Kayla got her picture in the on-line newspaper...it sounds like she's been having so much fun lately!

And your tummy looks so cute!
I remember those last months waiting for my second to be born...so exciting!

Have a great week, Michelle!

Tara said...

Fantastic pic of Kayla....and your tummy! :)

Mike said...

Hope your December is full of fun and laughter. And Kayla and Joe's, too.



T*mmy said...

I love catching up with you on your GOG posts!

I know ya'll will be so excited when Joe gets home!

Thanks so much for that heads up on the Soldier Cards address...that was a bummer but I guess I will eventually learn to check things out before I post them.

I hope you and Kayla have a wonderful day! =)

Killlashandra said...

Yeah for 7 months! : )

I'm glad Kayla had fun at the tree lighting ceremony. When the lights come on for the first time it's hard not to be surprised and amazed. W.W. loved the lights we strung outside. He stands and stares at them from the front door in the evenings sometimes.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

The picture of Kayla is too cute! It sounds like you had a good week. Glad the pool is fixed for you. Hope your week ahead is an easy one :)

Jeff and Michelle said...

Congrats on 7 months down on the pregnancy, wow, that seemed fast!!!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

How exciting to be nearing the end...of pregnancy and of deployment. Love the belly shot - you're still so tiny. But honestly, that picture of Kayla BLEW MY MIND. She looks SO grown up!!! How sweet for her to have that important moment lighting the tree. Cute!

chelle said...

Wow time is really flying by isn't it?
Christmas this year will be so wonderful. Enjoy the time with Kayla! Just think next year ... there will be a baby too!!!!

Jen said...

Kayla is so sweet. She will be so excited when Christmas gets here I'm sure. You mentioned the time off and going to the commissary...look at it this way...even though you didn't get to scrapbook..at least you were not stressed grocery shopping. I take Miller with me and it stresses me out every time.

Once Upon a Dream... said...

What a great list, Michelle. I'm praying this month goes by fast for you. Love the pic of Kayla, she is sooo cute! Oh your belly is looking so cute!


Kari said...

That's a nice photo of Kayla.
Family of 4 :) Your Tummy is so adorable I'm so excited for you and Happy Joe will be home soon.

mum2brady said...

Love the pg picture :) You look great!!! I haven't been able to get to your blog for a bit - it won't load, so I'm GRATEFUL that I got to today :)

Thanks for joining in - I'm so happy that Joe will be back soon!!!