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Monday, July 02, 2007

Mommy Talk

Today's Mommy Talk question is a little weighty! Here is the question: How hard was it for you to lose your pregnancy weight and keep it off?

Losing the weight? Not too hard. Keeping it off? Ummm...well...

I didn't gain a lot of weight to begin with. I gained under 20 lbs and I don't know how that was possible because I seemed to eat all the time!

After Kayla was born most of that weight came off, since it was baby, fluid, placenta etc weight. The clothes I wore home were the same clothes I wore when I was 9 months pregnant. Let's just say they were a little too big...especially the shorts!

When I got home I felt like I was in that "in-between" stage again - a lot of the maternity clothes were too big, but my pre-pregnancy clothes were still too snug around the belly.

I did bre*stfeed Kayla and I heard that helps the weight come off. I think it was a whole combination of that, plus just the stress of having a newborn and being a first-time mom, which helped me lose weight rather quickly.

But then I had nothing to wear. I went to the store with my mom to find some shorts to get me through the rest of the summer. I remember almost having a meltdown right then and there! I remember holding up a couple pair of shorts and saying, "but I don't know if I should buy this size because I can wear it now, but what if I keep losing weight, then this size won't fit me anymore anyway and will be too big on me!" Oh those post-pregnancy hormones and exhaustion! It made shopping feel like a much bigger issue than it should be! Bless my mom, being so patient and understanding with me and just giving me a hug and a shoulder.

So...I did lose all that baby weight pretty fast and went back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Then a little after a year Kayla stopped nursing and I didn't go back to work. I realized over the last couple of years that I snack a lot more throughout the day then I used to!

So those "last 10 lbs of baby weight" that you always hear everyone wants to lose? Well I ended up getting that last 10 lbs back AFTER Kayla was a couple years old LOL And why does it all have to go to the middle? Why can't it just spread the love and spread out amongst legs and arms too? :)

Speaking about losing weight and exercise ... I recently had the opportunity to participate in Suave Presents Blogger's Tips for Busy Moms.

From the website, A new report of 3,000 U.S. moms reveals that although most (76 percent) agree it's just as important for mothers to take care of themselves as their families, nearly eight in ten moms don't do enough. One of the biggest things falling by the wayside is her sense of feeling and looking beautiful. A whopping 84 percent admit they've let their appearance slide since becoming a mom and that taking care of their appearance has become more of a wish than a reality. So, can motherhood and womanhood co-exist? Suave wants to help moms put themselves back on the to-do list, so we asked some of our favorite mommy blogger friends to share their tips with you.

Check out the tips on beauty, exercise, hair care, childcare, relaxation and cooking.


Omaha Mama said...

This is a stressful issue for me that could turn into a full post (and has turned into a second blog for me!). But after Brenna, I had gotten pretty thin again and then started gaining back weight when she was about 18 months. So yeah, I understand that! Can't really call it baby weight then, can we? I guess then it's mommy weight!

Jessica said...

Great entry, I joined in on Mommy Talk this week too!

Sue said...

Oh I hated buying the "in between" clothes. I had to buy larger clothes too. All my clothes from last summer are too big, but I'm stuck with some of them b/c you can only buy so many clothes for yourself each year. Who thought that losing weight could be such a "hassle". ;)

I don't miss those baby hormones. And at least I was able to loan my larger pants and tops to my sister after she just had her 4th.

And yes, we can trade our timeshare. We are going to Disney in Jan 2009 with my parents and my sis and her family. We can't wait!

Do you have any instructions/recipe for that butterfly cake that you can pass on? :)

Anonymous said...

With my first 2 children, I was at the icky inbetween stage, too. Those meltdowns are awful, aren't they?! LOL! With this baby, I weighed less the morning after having Levi, than I did when I got pregnant with him. I have Hashimoto's Disease of the Thyroid and I'm assuming that's playing a role in my weight loss ... not even 2 weeks after giving birth. I'm not complaining, though, LOL!

Once Upon a Dream... said...

I love this post! I'm working on losing all that weight...

I miss participating in Mommy Talk. I'm so behind on all the different questions... Maybe this week will slow down a bit.

Michelle, thank you for your prayers. How is Kayla?


K.T. and her family of crafters. said...

You still look good!!!I of course gained 40 gazillion lbs with the kids!!!

Shannon said...

Really cool about being a contributer!

Pregnancy weight, ughh! My weight during immediately after the pregnancy isn't the issue, because of morning sickness for 9 months, I usually start gaining about a month after giving birth. I can enjoy food and keep it down again! I gave birth 6 months ago and now I am my heaviest! Oh boy, I need to get motivated!

Barb said...

Well, even if you weigh less after the baby is born than you did when you got pregnant, nothing fits anyway because your whole shape is different. At least for a while. I ended up ten pounds heavier after Krissy and then ten pounds heavier than that after Mandy. So I took Dexatrim. At the time they said it was perfectly safe and of course now we know it wasn't. I lost the weight but the only thing that really works is a combination of diet and exercise. And let's face it. No matter what you weigh, your body just isn't ever the same again after having a baby. All worth it though!

You look great. And I love the photo of the three of you. :-)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I haven't gotten to mine yet. Oh reliving the memories of the weight gain are painful. Sounds like you were one of the lucky ones.

Cathy said...

I gained weight after I stopped nursing. Had lost all the baby weight, then gained 7 lbs. back after nursing with each kid. No amount of exercise has let me shake it. I'm thinking those pounds are permanent fixtures on my body! :)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Great post...ugh trying to lose weight is tough...but I keep on going.

Misslionheart said...

I recently lost a stone in six weeks. I changed my diet and walked for 20-30 minutes each evening.

I *swear* by walking! (and it's great to get out on my own for a little while!)

Kayla! Look at you! You are such a big girl now. Lovely pics...

Tracey said...

Oh, I hear ya. I definitely lost it fast, with breastfeeding, but it's always about 5-10 pounds of regaining after I'm done nursing that gets me. Sucks.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

My metabolism completely goes on strike after I've had my baby. It was just horrible with Judah! I hate those in between sizes, made me cry too. That really ugly cry.

I totally agree with Barb- I have hips now!


Anonymous said...

well as you know after i had My first I lost the weight but gained when she was 3 months old. before i had my second child i was in a size 5 and only jumped up to a 7/8 while i was pregnant with her. after i had my second i was back to a size 5 in a week. I had a flat stomach also. My sister-in-law hated it because she had a baby 3 months before me and had a hard time getting into shape. Now with my son I gained and after i had him i gained some more. Then finally i lost it all and got back down to a 6.It took at lot longer then it did to loose the weight then from my first.It takes finding time to work out everyday to stay in shape. if i stop working out i gain even when i don't change my eating habits.
love ya ,

Catch said...

Ash is 24...Im still waiting to lose my pregnancy weight! LMAO

Erin said...

I've been losing those last 20 baby pounds for 2 years now ;)

Tammy said...

Yes, my weight has been a combination of body shifting after pregnancies, stress, and for me, being in my 40's, a change in my metabolism.

Oh maybe also...and eating more and exercising less. ;)

I remember the next morning after giving birth to my second, I was amazed how I could have forgotten all how stretched out my tummy would still be for a few days, too...it was a rude awakening, but thankfully most of that went away in so many days. But not all! ;)

Shannon said...

I just wanted to let you know I posted my response to your tag! That was fun! Thanks! Also, we share a meme- only I can say for sure I despise seafood and everything about it- smell, taste, expense. Blech!

kittyhox said...

I lost all my baby weight (about 25 pounds, five of which I gained the last week past my due date!) in two weeks. However, I've gained all of it back in the past year of being home and snacking around the clock! So I can relate. Although, unlike you, I also had some extra weight to begin with. So it's a problem.

But for the past few weeks I haven't been snacking or overeating and I feel so much better.

I hate that in between stage for clothes. I found my maternity shirts worked the best for a long time because of chest issues. :)

The Barkers said...

I am you all over again! Weird!