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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

I can't believe this is the last weekend in July already! That means August is right around the corner...which means my birthday...which means another year older...don't you just wish you could stop time sometimes?!

Things I'm grateful for from this past week:

1. I'm grateful we were able to get Kayla to the urgent care clinic last Sunday and have her checked out - I'm also grateful the doctor suspected strep and we started her on antibiotics that day. She's all better now! Still stubborn when it comes to dinner; but nothing new there!

2. That I finally had my first OB appt and Joe was able to go with me. He went to every appt when I was pregnant w/Kayla, and with him leaving in just a number of weeks for his deployment he obviously won't be at my appts this time. I'm grateful I was able to get an ultrasound too. If you didn't get a chance to see the picture of our 9-week old little baby bean it's in this post.

3. I'm grateful gas prices here have finally gone under $3, not by much, but it's still under $3!

4. I'm grateful for the big Dog Days of Summer giveaway carnival and the Love for Parker fundraiser. I'm grateful I was able to contribute to a great cause, and had some fun with the Dog Days giveaway. I also won a book - The Lovely Bones, and my new little name signature from Annie!

Speaking of contests...did you see what 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away? One lucky person will win an Insignia 37-inch flat panel LCD HDTV courtesy of Best Buy !

While at http://raisingjoey.com I also found out about this contest from Love Shak, Baby It's the Back to School Giveaway with Gymboree. There will be 2 winners for a $250 gift card!

Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

Ok back to my grateful list!

5. I'm grateful we were able to get out early this afternoon and take Kayla to White Sands National Park. The little stinker wouldn't hold still for picture! She just wanted to run, run, run, and then dig in the sand - go figure! She did have a blast though!

Have a great week!

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annie said...

Your siggy looks cute Michelle!
What day is your bday? Mine's in aug too (the 9th).

Grandma said...

I love Kayla's hat!! Looks like a beautiful day to be out and playing in the sand.

Deb said...

Glad Kayla is better1

Karen said...

Your photos of Kayla are lovely, you really do have a gift of photography, and those colours on her are fabulous. Trying to get pics of my son when he was a bit younger was a challenge, my daughter wants lots of photos of herself. Do you have any special plans for your birthday? I love the signature too, isn't Annie awesome? Biggest hugs to a lovely 'bloggie friend'

Amy said...

Hi Michelle and Kayla! I've missed you both. I have lots of catching up to do with the two of you. Or make that the three of you! I'm sure there are baby posts as well. Thank you for your prayers Michelle. I am doing pretty good. Got a long way to go, but that's to be expected.

The pictures on this post are just beautiful! Glad Kayla is feeling better too. Poor thing. Not fun to be sick.

Our gas is actually down to $2.68! Just last week it was $3.29. Go figure.

I need to go see the baby's picture. Very exciting! Hope you're feeling pretty well and keeping Joe in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Yea, go figure... a 4 year old wanting to run and play in the sand. :) the hat is adorable and fits right in with Kayla's personality!! Michelle, that means I am getting older when you get older!!! Enjoy the month of August!!! :) Love Mom

Omaha Mama said...

Great list! Kayla looks so cute in her hat and that looks like a fun trip!!! We have lots of the same pictures of Brenna digging in the sand, but not in quite such a gorgeous setting.

You seem so calm that Joe is leaving, I'm praying for you that all goes well with your pregnancy and that you are not overwhelmed by his deployment.

Have a great week.

Corey~living and loving said...

Darling pics of your girl. :) love the second one. :)

Really cute new siggie too. congrats.

Karen said...

Me again - we are online at the same time :-) Isn't it funny, there are quite a few parallels in our lives, left handed-ness, second marriage, august birthdays, hubby's both with computer work (Renee's Ramblings). I think it's awesome. My son is totally left handed, everything. Had to get him the special scissors etc, but being a lefty somewhat myself mean't I could help him. Hubby and daughter are totally right handed.

Miranda said...

The pictures are great, love Kayla's Hat!! Your new siggy looks good too!

Tammy said...

I loved reading grains of gratitude today...Kayla's little sun hat is adorable!
And I just hopped over to see the ultrasound! How exciting!

So glad Kayla is over her strep...those things are no fun at all!

And Michelle, I didn't know your husband was leaving soon for deployment. My husband had to leave in our early years, too, but it was before we had children...I'll be praying for all of you when he leaves! (But so great he got to go to the first appt!)

Have a wonderful week! :)

kaylee said...

i like that list and i love the pics of kayla she is so cute! nice blog!

PEA said...

I always enjoy reading your Grains of Gratitude:-) Kayla looks so darling with her little hat and look at the fun she's having in that sand!! Keep well my friend! xoxo

T*mmy said...

Tell Kayla I love her hat!! And that we are glad she is all better from that nasty ol' strep!!

Jessica said...

Great list this week! And wonderful pictures, it looks like she had a blast!

Beck said...

Kayla looks like she's having SO much fun in those pictures!
Gas is nearly $3 there?! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kayla is feeling better now. I just love the pictures of her. she looks so adorable in that hat!!4 year olds do love to run a lot! They seem to have never ending energy!
my cousin also shares your birthday.
love ya,

amy said...

Love the pics!! ANother beautiful post..

Catch said...

Hey I like the way you have your name at the end of the post...also I looked at the sonogram, what a cute little baby!! lol...so tiny! The sand at that beach is beautiful...no wonder Kayla wanted to run run run....I would too!

Michelle said...

She looks like she is having so much fun in the sand, I honestly can't blame her for not wanting to sit still long enough for a picture!

Tracey said...

First, BEAUTIFUL pictures! Looks like a great day. Second, it's pretty sad when we're grateful for gas to be at $3, isn't it? But I get excited, too, when I see it's dropped by a dime or so...

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos of Kayla in the sand! The purple with her blonde hair against the white sand make it so beautiful.

Sounds like it was a great week with lots to be grateful for! We are 3 cents under $3 here. And I am glad for that too. Something about seeing $3 just makes me kinda cringe. So happy for you that you won a book and the new name signature. It was fun to participate in the DDofS, but was sure glad I didn't have Shannon's job!

Here's to another great week!


Anonymous said...


Alycia said...

I love your pictures Michelle!! And, I loved seeing your sweet baby's ultrasound pictures :) Your photography is so beautiful and Kayla is precious! So glad she is feeling better too! Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Michelle! What beautiful pictures! Kayla looks like she was meant to have her pictures taken in that very spot!

chelle said...

Totally adorable pictures! I know how much I appreciated when J could make the OB appointments so I know how you feel.

mum2brady said...

Love the new siggy and White Sands looks wonderful!!!

Thanks for the info for the gymbo giveaway - I'm all over that one, even if I can't figure out how to put code on my blog LOLOL

I'm so glad that you do Grains each week - I love reading your posts!

So happy Kayla is better and baby bean is doing well :)

Cindy said...

Hey sweet friend! I love those photos. Gorgeous!

So Joe WILL deploy soon despite the vaccination issue? Maybe I missed something?

Hope you have a fabulous week!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Such a beautiful day to play in the sand! Kayla looks adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week!

Conny said...

I am so addicted to see pics of Kayla - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Adorable as always!

Nisa said...

Such cute pictures! She's looking so tall. I haven't been leaving comments lately, sorry. This time of year, you know, has a big cluster of special days for me. I have Lani's b-day, my parents' anniversary, Rhiannon's and your birthday all this week. Anyway, I'm glad Kayla is feeling better. I hope you're getting enough rest and food! Haha!

Kathleen Marie said...

I have missed every give-away, every contest.... just missed them all but that is what happens when you run a camp in the summertime.

Time goes so fast and I am praying for your family during your hubby's deployment. Where is he going?

My grandbaby got tubes in her ears...a blessing. God is so good in using good doctors. So happy Kayla is doing better.


Christina said...

I love the sand pics! And your girl is getting SO big! No toddler anymore, that is for sure. Sorry to break your heart.

Tarrah said...

What beautiful pics! The sand is sooooo white. I really miss the beach. And I'm really glad Kayla is feeling better.

Shannon said...

Love the pictures! They look professional!

LeslieAnn said...

Those are beautiful pictures!!


Sue said...

What a wonderful hat. :) You can tell she had fun at the beach.

There are some great contests I need to check out.

I'm glad Kayla is feeling better.

Barb said...

I always enjoy your grains so much, Michelle. I love the photo of Kayla on that white sand. And of course I'm just a little jealous. How an ocean lover like me ended up in the Rocky Mountains is a mystery, isn't it? LOL

I swear, it won't surprise me at all if you and Krissy have exactly the same due date. She just had her first ob appointment and brought home a photo that looks exactly like your little baby bean.

I should post that. You know. Introduce my new grandchild to Bloggityville!

Your Grains of Gratitude are always full of happiness and just make me smile.