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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Passing it on

Amy from
Laughing Through The Tears passed on the Blogger Reflection Award to me. This is what she had to say, "Michelle is the best. I came across her blog because of her beautiful daughter Kayla. I love children, even more than laughing. She posts so many pictures and videos of Kayla. We are invited into her world as she writes about Kayla. She shares from the heart and is real about life with her daughter and husband. Michelle writes the best Grains of Gratitude every Sunday. You can tell that she is truly thankful for the good and even the trials she comes face to face with. She's such a loving wife and mother too. She's a faithful friend and always leaves uplifting and encouraging words. Once you've visited them you'll never forget them. I would love to meet her, Joe and Kayla someday. I feel honored to have them in my life."

Thank you Amy! I was so touched by your words!

Here are the rules for passing this award on: The reason for the title is because this award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you. Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy... of knowing them and being blessed by them.
1. Copy this post.
2. Reflect on five bloggers and write a least a paragraph about each one.
3. Make sure you link this post so others can read it and the rules.
4. Go leave your chosen bloggers a comment and let them know they've been given the award.
5. Put the award icon on your site

So here are my 5 choices for passing this on:

Jennifer from Pinwheels Jennifer is a mom to 3 boys, including a set of twins (and one who has that extra chromosome). She's also a writer and I just can't say enough about her writing! I love reading her blog and how she can take the small, every day things, and write about them as if they were the most important things in the world. I enjoy reading her weekly posts at ParentDish

N from Mayhem and Miracles - N is one of the bloggers I was lucky enough to meet on our vacation...along with her 3 great kids! She is just as sweet in person as I thought she would be from reading her blog! I enjoy reading her posts and she writes with such passion and honesty and bares her heart and soul. She is definitely someone I would like to have as a neighbor!

Andrea from Sgt and Mrs Hub - When I visit Andrea I feel like I'm visiting an old friend! Her husband is also in the Air Force, and our daughters are the same age. She has 2 kids (home births!) and a 3rd on the way. Her husband is currently serving as a recruiter and I admire them for that - I'm not sure I would be able to handle that assignment as well! As a recruiter in a remote area there isn't a military base nearby and I've grown quite accustomed to the perks of living on base! Maybe one of these days we'll be stationed together - I would enjoy getting to know this family in person!

Overwhelmed With Joy - The first post I read of hers was about a conversation she overheard between her husband and son via her cellphone. Unbeknownst to her husband, he, or their son, accidentally called her cell phone. He didn't realize his phone was connected and she got to listen in on a small part of their day. Then I started reading her adoption story and was hooked and couldn't wait for the next installment. I've also been lucky enough to meet her twice now! She is just as friendly and down-to-earth as she comes across on her blog.

Karen from Karen's Ramblings has given me two awards so it's about time I have something I can pay back to her! Karen lives in New Zealand, and I recently blogged about how sweet she was to send a birthday package to both Kayla and me! Just spend 5 minutes on Karen's blog and you'll see how dedicated she is in her faith. It's like a breath of fresh air stopping by there!

Ok on to more awards! Time for the

I'm not sure where this one originated from, but it looks like you pass this one on to 5 other bloggers as well.
I was just given this award by 3 bloggers:
Karen, who I just mentioned above, said this, "this lady is beautiful inside and out, there is a wonderful 'aroma' that just emanates from her writing. Her daughter is gorgeous and I love hearing and reading their journey. You just fill the pages with a fragrance that is glorious and uplifting!"

Renee from Renee's Ramblings said this, "I just love this blog! Michelle's daughter, Kayla, is absolutely adorable and I just truly enjoy "visiting" with them and reading about their life. They just came back from a vacation and on the way there and back they visited several of their blogging buddies - it sounded like so much fun! Happy upcoming Birthday Kayla!

Cindy from Still His Girl said this, "...is a blog I have just fallen in love with. Take a look at the photos there and you'll see why. Michelle inspires me. Her love and care for her beautiful daughter will get you, too. And her man is in the service... I can't say enough about families like that!"

Thank you so much ladies for thinking of me and for your kind words!!

So now for the 5 I would like to pass this on too:

Tammy from Praying For Parker - anyone who has read Tammy's blog knows that she deserves a Rockin Blogger Award! She is an amazing mom with an even more amazing son. He has fought and fought every medical hurdle thrown at him and come out kicking and screaming. He's a fighter that's for sure! Tammy is someone who I would love to just head on over to her house and give a great big hug too! They've been dealt a bad hand, insurance-wise, and she handles it all with such grace!

Eden from Once Upon A Dream is also another Air Force spouse. They have an adorable daughter Olyvia who is growing up so fast! Her husband recently joined the service and she just made the move to CA to be with him as he goes through training to be a translator. It sounds like they've made a smooth transition to the military life, which I know isn't always easy to do!

Christine from Prince Vince Meets The World - I so enjoy reading about their life in Europe! I love the pictures she posts from over there - it makes me miss it (I used to live in Germany). Vincent is such an adorable little boy with a contagious smile! Christine is in the process of opening up new Vincent shoe store and I'm so excited for her on this journey!

Dori from The Ups and Downs Of Our Life - Dori's daughter Aviva is too cute! She was born premature but you wouldn't know it by knowing her now! She sure has come along way from where she started and is a smart and spunky girl. Dori is going to school and hopes to be teaching kids with autism soon. She's also been going through her share of medical problems, but keeps on keeping on. She always has a kind word for anyone!

Janeen from Our Story has 2 adorable boys, one with food allergies. Reading about their day-to-day life has sure made me more aware of what it is like to live with food allergies and to be more aware of all it entails as well. She posts such wonderful recipes that have been adapted to her son's allergies, that I know if I'm ever in that situation I'll know where to go to make some food-safe dishes!

Ok ... as if this post wasn't long enough can you stand a quick meme?
Amy from Amy's Random Thoughts and Omahamama both tagged me for the 8 Things About Me meme so here goes:

1. I don't like coffee - hot or cold.
2. I don't like sea food. Even though I used to live in MA and MD. Although I don't recall if I've ever actually tasted any seafood before, but for as long as I can remember I've had a dislike for it; I think it's the smell.
3. My birthday is August 1 - I was pretty much born on my due date (Aug 3rd).
4. My name isn't pronounced Michelle. It's pronounced Meechelle - like the Beattle's song, "Michelle, My Bell"
5. The first car that I owned, and bought for myself ($2000 cash!) was a black, 2-door, no power-steering, no air conditioning, 1988 Ford Escort. I bought it in 1992 and it was a great car, but I finally traded it in, in 1996, for a Plymouth Neon - 4-dr, power-steering, and AC. I didn't realize what I had been missing out on!
6. As far back as my memory goes I have lived in 20 different homes.
7. I eat and write with my left-hand.
8. My teenage crush was Kirk Cameron.

and 8 people to tag for this one:
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Super Duper Jack
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PEA said...

Congratulations dear Michelle on winning these two awards...very deserving you are of them too!! I love coming to visit you and always leave with a smile on my face:-) You truly are an inspiration to me and others...you may not realize it but you are!! xox

Linda said...

Congratulations on those well deserved awards Michelle (and to think I've been pronouncing your name wrong in my head all this time!). I love getting to hear about other great blogs. You did a great job of telling us about some really neat ladies.

Tammy said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, Michelle! I totally agree that you deserve both these awards...I am so blessed every time I stop by here! :)

Shannon said...

Congrats on so many awards!

Thanks for the tag! Those are always fun, but sure require a lot of thought.

As far your pronounciation of your name goes- funny story! As I was reading your blog, I am here at work and my co-worker's name is Mechel pronounced the same as yours. We are always singing "Meechelle, my bell..." Too Funny!

Omaha Mama said...

Congrats on the awards! And thanks for doing 8 things. Good list.

My first car was an 88 Dodge Aries, stick shift. I bought it for $485 cash. My second, a Mercury Topaz. Funny, our first two cars were very similar!!! :-) Makes me grateful now for that mini van!

Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, that's quite a post!

Congrats on your two blog awards. You most certainly deserve them!

And thank you, my friend, for honoring you with the Blogger Reflection award. I do appreciate it!

Christina said...

Congratulations on the awards!!!

Thanks for awarding me :-) I am honored!

"Early Bird" said...

Congratulations to sweet Meechelle ;)
and to all she chose!
You know I've never liked seafood either! The only fish I will eat is white fish batter dipped as in Long John Silvers or southern fried catfish!
Have a great day!

Barb said...

Goodness, you covered a lot of territory here, Michelle. With only a couple of exceptions, these people you gave awards to are all new to me. The awards you received are well deserved and I can tell you gave a lot of thought to who you passed them on to. All these ladies sound like great people.

And that's really interesting about the pronunciation of your name. I like it - it's different.

Boy, doesn't it feel nice to be back home again? :-)

Sue said...

I don't like coffee either. :) Thanks for the tag - I'll get to it in the next couple days as I get caught up.

Congrats on the bloggie awards!

Shelley said...

Laughing thorugh the Tears was absolutely right - Congratulations!
PS I have very fond memories of my Mum's first Ford Escort - a red 2 door that my sister's boyfriend smashed ... mmm ... no wonder he didn't last!

Amy said...

Ooh, I'll have to check out your nominees. I know a couple of them, but I am sure if you recommend them they must be interesting!

LOL, I've always called you Meechelle! Coffee-nasty in any way, shape or form! My b-day is Aug. 7. And Kirk Cameron-what a cutie. Could you ever find it in your heart to think that an old man like Donny Osmond could be the least be cute? ;o)

A Special Family said...

those look like some great blogs to check out!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Congrats on the awards! What a day brightener! You are both of those awards - you and your blog are fantastic. I am blessed by you!

So glad to know the correct way to say your name! Nothing (okay, there are some things) bothers me more than mispronouncing a persons name. It feels so disrespectful! And I love the pronunciation, beautiful!

Thank you so much for your words about me, and passing on the award. We would love to be stationed with your family one day, but let's try for somewhere like Germany, or Hawaii!


Jessica said...

Congrats! You deserve both of those awards! And great meme... I don't like seafood either!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Congrats on the award Michelle!!

Thank you so much for the kind words...it means a lot to me.

Karen said...

Wow, Michelle thank you for the fabulous honour. It's really uplifting, I am ill with a stomach bug I caught off my son, so this really perked me up this morning :-)

Alycia said...

Congratulations Michelle on yoru awards ~ you are so deserving of them :) I can't wait to visit the links you gave ~ there are a few I haven't been to yet! I love my visists to your blog ~ you always make me smile. Have a great 4th of July!

jennifergg said...

First off, I agree with every kind and good thing anyone says about your blog, because it's all true!

And second, thank you so much. What an honor to be tagged, when it comes from you. I really appreciate it, and was thinking just the other day how many lives you touch with your love and honesty. We are heading out the door for a week in Yellowstone and I will make a post about this tag as soon as we get back.

Thank you, again. Both for the tag, and for your blog, too. Keep up the good work!

Once Upon a Dream... said...

I somehow missed this post! I didn't realize that you'd passed an award on to me (i think). lol Anyway, how exactly does this work?

Also, congratulations on winning 2 awards!!! You totally deserve them. I absolutely love reading your blog and learning about you and your family.