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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

It sure is nice to reflect back on my week and find all the things to be grateful for - big and small!

1. Kayla had a follow-up appt with the ENT to check on her tubes. I'm grateful she didn't fight too much when they were putting the sensor things in her ears to do the tests. She protested at the beginning when she knew what was coming, but once it was in her ear she settled right down and sat so still in my lap. When the lady took it out Kayla said "thank you!" Unfortunately that wasn't the end - that was only 1 ear! There were 2 different tests for each ear, so we went through this 4 times. Each time she finished with one ear Kayla would tell her "thank you!" Then we still had to see the ENT who, of course, needed to look in Kayla's ears! She again started protesting, but I asked her, "Do you want to go to the zoo?" "Yeah!" "Then you need to let him look in your ear first, then we'll go to the zoo." She went perfectly still and let him look, when he finished one side we said he had to look in the other side. Kayla said "other side!" and turned her head. Guess I need to promise her the zoo after every medical appt if she is going to cooperate so easily!
Unfortunately we have to go back in 4 wks. One of the tests done on her ear was equivocal, or maybe unequivocal, basically it didn't show a clear reading. The ENT doesn't think it was accurate because when he looked in her ears he said the tubes looked perfect. So hopefully it was just a fluke.

2. I'm grateful our weather was nice enough (and the wind not too bad) for me to take Kayla to the zoo after the ENT appointment. The whole way there (ok the 10 minutes it took from ENT office to zoo!) Kayla kept saying things like "zoo, feed duck, duck eat" - one of her favorite things to do is feed the ducks there, and they also have a playground so that's a bonus.

3. I'm grateful for the impromptu dinner/bowling get-together we had with a few other families on Tuesday night. Kayla is so funny - she cheers for everyone and everything. Besides clapping and saying, "yay Mommy! yay Daddy!" she also says, "yay ball!" after rolling it down the ramp.

4. A friend of mine went to Ruidoso's Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino with her husband. There were auditions/try-outs for Wheel of Fortune and she was hoping to get on the show. So we babysat their daughter. I'm so grateful Kayla and Katelyn played so well together for 5 hours! No problems whatsoever. They followed each other around, copied each other, kept each other occupied - it was so nice!

Kayla kept wanting Katelyn to have a book. Every time Katelyn would put it down Kayla would pick it up and bring it to her again.

5. I'm grateful for a wonderful day out we had on Saturday - especially when everything is free! Last week was "Week of the Young Child" (I wonder if this is a national thing or just something from this town?) The zoo holds this celebration with free entrance for everyone and then there are all kinds of vendors and things for the kids to do. They also had hot dogs, bottled water, cotton candy, and popcorn all for free. The kids had different crafts (lots of coloring, making a puppet, making a keychain) and activities (fishing for ducks in a pool with a net, sand art, planting flower seeds in cup) and came home with a bagful of goodies (sunglasses, bubbles, piggy bank, pinwheel, straws, 2 free books...). Katelyn's family also went so we all were able to hang out together for a fun few hours.

6. I'm grateful to Karen for honoring my blog with this Mercy Drop. I'm humbled that my blog has touched so many people outside of my family and friends. Thank you Karen, I was truly touched by your words!

7. Lastly I am grateful the Red Sox won their last 2 games against the Yankees! Yes I know this is only April and there is still a lot of time left in the season that just started, but I still couldn't resist that!

Thanks to Christine for starting the Gratitude post!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sounds like a good week. Glad the ENT appointment wasn't too traumatic and you guys were able to go to the zoo afterward. The pictures of the two girls playing are adorable!!

Sara said...

Nice list! and my Kayla picture fix too boot :)

Omaha Mama said...

Thanks for the pictures - so cute! Isn't it fun when play dates start resembling play dates instead of wrestling matches?!

Beth said...

What a wonderful week, so much to be grateful for.

I love the pictures.

Jessica said...

Great list for the week! Sounds like you guys had a nice time at the zoo!

"Early Bird" said...

Kayla and Katlyn are so cute together!!

Linda said...

It's a wonderful thing that every week holds blessings for us - we just have to notice them!! You've done a great job of that Michelle.
I love the pictures of the two girls. Isn't it fun when they get along so well?
Praying for you. Have another blessed week!

chelle said...

Yay for the zoo and the rest of the week...hopefully in 4 weeks all will be perfect :)

Nisa said...

The Red Sox beat the Yankees twice? No wonder my dad was so grouchy! I love the pics of Kayla and Katelyn. Those were too cute. Good to hear that Kayla settled down a bit and wasn't too upset about the ENT checking her; I'll be praying that one reading was just a fluke.
love you!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the zoo! So glad she had such a good time. The pictures were too cute! I'm so glad they enjoyed each other's company. :o)

Beck said...

And did your friend get on Wheel of Fortune? Such sweet pictures of the two little friends!

Christina said...

Sounds like a great week, I hope Kayla's next ENT appointment will go as well!

Jeff and Michelle said...

What a full and wonderful life you have!

Overwhelmed! said...

Today has been a busy day for us, so I didn't get my Grains of Gratitude post up. I am giving some books away this week though...come check it out. :)

I just love, love, love those pictures of Kayla and her friend, Katelyn. :) Snuggle Bug has 2 friends in particular that he plays really well with and it's so fun to see that!

Congrats on the Mercy Drop honor! You deserve it.

Barb said...

Your blog IS a Mercy Drop and I'm glad someone bestowed on on you. It looks very "right" on this blog.

As always, I love the photos. The first photo in this post just made me smile. So sweet.

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like you had some wonderful blessings this week!! And some good times!!!!
So glad Kayla's appointment went well and that she got to feed the ducks!!
Go Red Sox!! So glad they beat the Yankees too (how bout those 4 homeruns yesterday?) We are big Braves fans, but Boston probably next!
Have a great week!

Tammy said...

Oh, those picture of the two little girls are priceless!
Wonderful list...:)
Have a wonderful week, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like a great week. I just love the pictures. Looks like you got a nice little break while they played. I'm glad to hear Kayla settle down. I think the zoo will work every time. I'll be praying it is just a fluke.
love ya,

JennaG said...

Oh, the Mercy drop is so sweet--and so deserved. How nice. I hope all goes well with Kayla's tubes--and I am praying about the 'having another child' issue. It will all be in God's perfect timing. I'm glad you had fun at the zoo--we haven't been in so long, and I would love to go--the closest one is two hours away though!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Oh yay! Word verification has returned!!! I've been wanting to explain what you asked me in comments the other day and I would use e-mail, but I currently don't have any. Long story, but this is my husband's business computer so I don't want to leave his e-mail here where any unscrupulous lurker could use it. Anyway, I grew up a Rangers fan (lived in Dallas metro) and married a staunch Cardinal fan, so I've adopted them for the fun of family togetherness. The reason I poked fun at Boston also has to do with family. When I was a teenager, my dad went to live there for a year to obtain his graduate degree and having lived in the South our entire lives, we had this stereotypical view of "Yankees" (meaning anyone north of Tennesee - not the team) being sort of rude and arrogant. (Read: they didn't practice the rediculous art of thanking someone 37 different times for the same gift.) So Boston became our family joke because it had "stolen" our dad away. Plus he was forever telling us how rude the people were, which truth be known was probably just their reaction to his own crankiness at our family separation. Then when the OKC bombing happened, NYC firefighters and police came to help and we met a bunch of them one night at a restaurant. They couldn't have been more gracious. They showed us that "Yankees" (the team, whose gear many of them wore, and more importantly, the people who live up north) were lovely. That was about the same time Joe Torie was having many public family problems and handling them with much grace, so I guess I sort of took them on too in that way (but not against our beloved Cardinals, of course.) But I have to admit, it was a little exciting to see your team bring home the Series after so many years of incredible fan participation without that final trophy. There is no denying ya'll have REALLY GREAT fans! So that was why I teased you. That - and I am just so excited to meet another suburban SAHM who actually follows baseball. Where I live, that's hard to come by!! :)

Kathleen Marie said...

Kayla is just so adorable. I can see her saying, "Thank you!" How cute!

I can perfectly understand how you were awarded a "Mercy Drop".

God Bless you!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

After reading back over my novel of a comment, I wasn't sure I made this point emphatically enough, but teasing Boston was merely a way for a family under stress to deflect some emotion through humor and not my opinion of people from Boston. I've only met one girl from there ever. She was my room mate at a conference I attended in college and she was hilarious!!! (And she shared her clothes!) :)

Catch said...

Congratulations on winning the award Michelle! You do a wonderful job. And the picture of Kayla and her little friend are so cute...esp when they are both looking out the door. Great list!

S. said...

Glad Kayla did well at the dr.--the zoo is a good motivator for sure!

She is so cute wanting to share the book...Lukas is always eager to share too...whether the other child is interested in the thing or not!

It is always good to get the Kayla picture fix!

Sue said...

I'm glad Kayla was so cooperative at the appointment. Bribery does have it's place. :) I'll bet she had a blast at the zoo. Those pics are so cute - I love to see little ones play so nicely together.

And hey - you're a Red Sox Fan? I guess we'll have to agree not to talk about the Yankees vs Red Sox. ;)