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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reasons I Blog

Melanie from Omaha Mama tagged me for the "5 Reasons Why I Blog" meme.

So here goes, in no particular order:

1. I blog for my family and friends. We are in the military and have no family close by so they don't get to see Kayla "grow up." I created a family website for us, but then I found out about blogging and it just seemed easier, more fun, and more interactive. I still have the family website, but it's just languishing out in cyberspace now.

2. I started reading blogs about 1.5 yrs ago and while I could leave comments on some of them without having a blogger account, there were some that didn't allow anonymous comments. I got tired of lurking and decided to create my own account.

3. I used to keep diaries and journals and every great once in a while I enjoy looking through them and reading about the things that were going on in my life and remembering who I was then. I figured this would be another way to keep a journal and look back on. Hopefully it'll give Kayla a glimpse into her life too!

4. I try to subtly use my blog to be an advocate for not just my daughter, but all people with Down syndrome. I hope to raise awareness and acceptance and even if I only change one person's perspective, it's worth it.

5. And the last reason? Why not? "Everyone" was doing it!

I won't tag anyone in particular - but I would like to read your reasons too! So let me know if you do this one.

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Linda said...

Those are all great reasons Michelle. I think you are a wonderful advocate for Downs Syndrome - absolutley wonderful.
I keep forgetting to answer your question. The teams that were playing at the game my husband and son saw last night were the Clippers and the Spurs. The Spurs won!! Go Spurs!!

Amy said...

Hi Michelle,

My email is: amystribling@hotmail.com

I'm glad you started blogging. I remember seeing your blog name somewhere and it captured my attention right away! I never knew how complete strangers could make a difference in my day!

And it is definitely a nice way for your family to see Kayla often!

Talk to you soon, Amy

K.T. said...

Wow,that really made me think about what my reasons are too...you have wonderful reasons!
I will do this meme before the weeks end.:D

Tammy said...

I prefer to be called a "web journalis" instead of blogger...sounds more dignified...sniff!!
tehe...never mind me...
I'm just glad you do!!

Tracey said...

Good reasons. :)

Lynsey said...

HI there,

Got the link to your blog from Andria's page, hope you don't mind! You have an amazing blog and an adorable little girl! We're about to be first-time parents ourselves, so I like to read other people's stories to gear up! Anyway, lovely blog and wish you all the best.

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Great reasons Michelle...love the advocate part.


Chelise said...

This was fun to read. So I copied it on my blog! (I mean the questions, not your answers. Ha!)


xo - Chel

Catch said...

this would definitely be a good way to keep in touch with family and they can watch Kayla grow up too. Plus look at all the new friends we make!

Barb said...

Your fifth reason made me smile, it's so true. I believe everyone really is blogging. Everyone! LOL

You do a good job of raising awareness about Down Syndrome. Kayla is the perfect example of that little something extra. She's adorable, loveable and hugely entertaining!

FamilySnows said...

You have a wonderful blog Michelle and great purpose!

Deb said...

Great reasons!

Melanie said...

You know the history of families of people with disabilities and so do I...that's what makes it so wonderful that people don't have to hide in shame anymore when they have a child with exceptionalities. Your blog is a great way to raise awareness and keep a memory book for your family. You've come a long way baby! Wonderful blog - I'm glad that your daughter has such a proud mom! She is gorgeous! Reminds me of my daughter (who will be four in July) and her blonde ponytails!

Anonymous said...

Great reasons for starting your blog. I enjoying reading and watching those videos of Kayla. My kids also really enjoy the videos of Kayla. Tiffany think Kayla is just too cute. The videos of her are a great pick me up if I'm having a bad day.So I'm glad you have this blog.I'm sure Kayla will enjoy reading about her life someday.

Cheryl Wray said...

Love your reasons to blog!! I am SO addicted to blogging--both writing on mine pretty much everyday and reading all of the wonderful blogs out here--that I really can't imagine NOT doing it now!
I sure am glad you blog! Because I LOVE to read about your family and your life and your sweet Kayla!

chelle said...

I will be blogging my reasons to blog soon .... I adore your reasons! And I am uber glad you decided to de-lurk and write too!

~Melissa~ said...

Very good reasons! We share many of the same ones too :)

Anonymous said...
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