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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ok, Sign me up

for one of those "bad mom awards!" Let me just say up front that I felt so bad about what happened. In the big picture it wasn't all that bad, nothing serious happened, nobody got hurt - it's actually quite trivial - except for the fact that I felt so bad!

Last night I had just started the potatoes for dinner and then I took Kayla to the bathroom and she went. She's good to go for a couple of hours and now I can go back to preparing dinner.

Kayla went in her room to play and I went back to the kitchen. Joe's not home from work yet. About 15-20 minutes later I thought I heard Kayla say "pee pee." So I stopped what I was doing for a second so I could listen again and I thought sure enough it sounds like that is what she's saying. But it can't be because she just went less than 1/2 an hour ago. Every once in awhile her "baby" and "pee pee" sound very similar; so I thought she was probably saying baby.

Or she might be playing with her Tinkle Time Kelly Doll; although now that I think about it when she's playing with that she usually says "potty" and not "pee pee."

So the fact is - I ignored her. Yep. I blew it off because I didn't think she really needed to go to the bathroom again. And of course you know where this is going.

Another 10 min later I go to her bedroom to tell her it's time to eat. She only has her shirt on so I say, "Kayla! You silly, you took your pants off!" I quickly scan her room and don't see the pants. I ask her "Kayla, where are your pants?" She immediately points down the hallway and says "there!"

I walk down the hallway and something tells me (with a sinking heart) to go to the bathroom. Yep. There are her pants/underwear on the floor and the lid on her seat is lifted up (we have the kind where you just put the seat on the toilet).

She did pee; not a lot (because, again, she had just went!) but enough to get the seat of her pants wet.

She doesn't always tell us when she has to go; we do a lot of asking, prompting, reminding and just taking her to the bathroom if it's been a couple hours. She is getting there though and will tell us sometimes (and she did yesterday morning actually.)

I felt so bad because I didn't go see if she really did need to go to the bathroom or not because I was too preoccupied with dinner. I felt so bad because we "drill" into her over and over again, "Kayla tell mommy/daddy when you need to go potty. Just tell us you have to pee pee. We pee pee in the potty not in our underwear. We don't want our underwear/pants to be all wet." Blah blah blah. Here she was trying to tell me she had to go and I did nothing.

She still needs some help in the bathroom, she can pull her pants down, get up on the stool, and sit herself on the toilet, but sometimes it seems slow-going. I don't always know how long she can hold it, or if she really really has to go, so I take the easy way out and do most of it for her. Which I know is not doing her any favors, I need to let her do it herself, and we are trying to get better at that, I'm just afraid she'll have to go before she gets the whole process done! So seeing that she did go into the bathroom, lifted up the lid, and tried to get her pants down in time just made me feel bad that I wasn't there to help her.


Tammy and Parker said...

Oh......first time Mommy's are my favorite. hee,hee!

You feel bad, but wow! I bet Kayla feels like SUCH a big girl! She did everything she was supposed to do! Woo-Hoo! Go Kayla!

Think of it as giving her a chance to show her independence!


Tracey said...

She got to the bathroom! Yay Kayla! I totally understand why you feel bad, but be proud of her instead! Just be glad it was #1 and not #2...

Deb said...

Yeah Kayla for trying it on her own. Michelle, don't beat yourself up over it; you're a wonderful mother.

Don't forget, I gave my first one prune juice. LOL

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I know how you feel, but she did it by herself. That's so BIG for her. I agree with Tracy. Be glad it was #1. Lesson learned :)

K.T. said...

Go Kayla!We have all been there, I think.You are not a bad mom,you are a great mom!!!And she is a big girl because she went potty all by herself!!!

Tammy said...

You are "not" a bad Mommy!!
We all get distracted...this is all part of the process!!

The Imperfect Christian said...

If that is the worst thing you ever do, you're doing good! Just look at it on the bright side, she KNEW what to do, even though you were busy! Woo hoo, go Kayla!!

PEA said...

As mothers we are not perfect...I'm sure even June Cleaver did something like that too! lol Look at it this way, you now know that all your potty training is really getting through to her:-) Hugs to both of you xoxo

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

LOL...believe will not be the last time this happens...but Yippee for Kayla.


Linda said...

You are definitely not a bad mommy. You are so sweet Michelle. We have all absolutely done similar things. It's a good chance for you to tell Kayla that even mommies sometimes make mistakes. I'm sure she'll make you feel lots better.

L. Noelle said...

Good for her for going on the potty in the first place! Don't be hard on yourself, this is a trial and error process for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your little blog home.

I am a Mom to 5. My oldest is 18 and to be married in 3 months. My youngest is 6. I just wanted to give you a little ((hug)) and tell you you are not a bad Mama. I still do not always do things right. It's okay.

Your little darling is adorable. What a treat she looks to be. Be forgiving of yourself and enjoy the moments.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, YOU ARE A "TRUE" MOM.... :) Love mom

Elizabeth said...

Oh no worry this won't be the last time this happen. All of us mothers have done something like this. When my little boy was about 3 I left my hormones on the counter for just a second and he ate them. I was so paniced he was damaged for life. The dr just laughed at me. He said for a boy it was ok. If it had been my dd he said she might have started bleeding a little. This is just one example. I have many over 30 years. Know what?? I am still making mistakes. LOL
A big hug.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Do not feel bad. My daughter is three, potty trained fully for just 1 month and last night she had an accident at my parents house. When she arrived with my husband, I asked, "K-, do you need to go potty?" "No thank you, Mommy." Well, okay. Of course, there was chocolate "pupcakes" and ice cream sitting on the table before us. If you were three, what would you pick? I gave her the benefit of the doubt, didn't take her and let her eat and then play with her cousins. We went to get ready to leave and yes-- she was wet. When we went to the potty to fix the situation, she started crying. I asked her what was wrong. "My panties are wet!" I should have taken her and I didn't. Felt so bad, too. Don't forget that they are potty training us, too!

Catch said...

Michelle I hate to be the one to tell you Sweety...but this wont be the first time you get distracted!! lol..you are a terrific Mother...who is also running a household, putting dinner on the table, laundry, cleaning...we are all human...and as hard as we try...sometimes we do just get distracted! And kudos to Kayla!!!! She did great!

Barb said...

Boy, I thought something awful had happened, Michelle. This is actually a positive thing, you know. She went where she was supposed to go and tried. That's huge progress. Give yourself a break. You're a great mommy!

Stephanie said...

At least she tried. Don't beat yourself up, if that is the only thing you did, then you are rockin' girl!!!! I am sure that she doesn't blame you, it was an eays mistake, especially sense you had just taken her, I probably would have done the same thing. You are a great mom don't let yourself thing otherwise!!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful Mom! We all have done that and have felt the same thing. You can just tell by how Kayla is that you are a good Mom. Look you taught her to go to the potty and she did! You should feel so proud of her! What a big girl! Way to go Kayla! I am so proud of you! love ya!

Melany aka Supermom said...

Oh that Mother Guilt. I know all about it. She did great though, knowing that she needed to go. HUGS...Mom guilt is not nice (even though you know you don't need to feel guilty)

Pamela said...

Michelle, I think it is wonderful that she made it to the bathroom on her own...that's big! I would have been jumping up and down. So what that she got her pants wet, she did it! :)

chelle said...

HUGS! I have so been there!!!

Kayla is getting though and that rocks! We all get in the mode and hate to be interrupted from that!

Tammy said...

We all do those kinds of things, believe me! And what you were doing was trying to prepare dinner...also an important motherly task!
Sometimes it's so hard to break away from what we're doing when we're right in the middle of it!

I know how we can feel bad about these little things, but I have a feeling you are a wonderful mommy!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Welcome to the " Mommies who are imperfect but oh, so loving" club!

We all have been there, we all understand, and nobody throws stones!

Glad she is doing so awesome with her potty routine. It's fun watching them learn new skills isn't it!


Nisa said...

Aw Meesh... Don't feel bad. Be proud that she tried to go all by herself. Look at it as a positive. Don't dwell on the negative. Just about everyone here is saying the same thing. DOn't worry about it. You'll chuckle about the experience in a few years. ANd I'm so proud of Kay;a for going. Yay!!
love you!