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Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Freebie

For US: Get a free sample of Airborne On-The-Go. Airborne is the best-selling herbal health formula that boosts your immune system to help your body combat germs.

For International: submit your address and get a free bottle opener keyring.


Barb said...

We've had Airborne in this house for more than a year now. My daughter Mandy, the 3rd grade teacher, swears by it. It was invented by a teacher I believe.

These freebies you do are wonderful. I'm waiting for a couple of things I sent off for as I speak. So fun. And so nice of you!

Jeff and Michelle said...

Thanks for the wonderful resources! Love the recipe below too!

Have a great weekend!


The Barkers said...

Hi Michelle. My name is Sarah and I found your blog through Doubly Blessed. I've enjoyed all of your posts. Kayla is beautiful! Please thank your husband for serving in our military. I'm sure he doesn't get thanked enough. I think it it wonderful that you support him and can stay at home with Kayla. My husband is in law enforcement and I think at times military wives and law enforcement wives have some similarities. Although mine isn't gone for long periods of time, I still have to have faith he will come home every day to us.
I love your blog lay out and all your neat weekly features. I have taken advantage of some of the freebies and I love new recipes!
Sarah Barker, S.C.

Anonymous said...

Had to stop in and see those beautiful blues before the weekend gets hold of me, lol. She is gonna be a heartbreaker, wait and see. Thanks for coming by!

Overwhelmed! said...

I just signed up for this. I've never tried it before.

I got a laundry soap sample the other day that I was clued in to by one of your Friday Freebie posts. I do appreciate these!

LeslieAnn said...

In about 6 weeks my mailbox will runneth over with all my freebies!!!! I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!

I sat down one afternoon and just started going down the list of free stuff! Thank you for doing this!

Todd uses Airborne every time he flies (every week) and really likes it...he'll be glad to have a free one, especially since I mistook his last glass for grapefruit juice and threw it down the drain! =)

David said...

I'm glad to find your blog, too. I look forward to reading more. Is it OK if I link to your blog?

PEA said...

Sounds like a great freebie:-) Thanks again Michelle!!