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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Grains of Gratitude

Wow another week has passed already! This month is just flying by! Before I start with the things I'm grateful for last week I wanted to say a Happy Belated Birthday to my mom (it was Friday!) And no I didn't forget - Kayla called and we sang happy birthday to her while she was having lunch with a friend :)

1. On Friday Joe had to bring his truck in to get a few things looked at. He called me with the bad news that it would cost just under $1000 to get everything done that needed to be done. Needless to say this put me in a bad mood. This is NOT what I needed to hear this close to Christmas. So I tried to find something to be grateful about instead of being so negative about it. For one at least the truck didn't break down while he was driving, and for two at least this was on Fri - payday thank goodness!

2. Our last MOPS meeting of this year was on Tues. My secret sister gave me a Willow Tree angel (Friendship) - I collect these and didn't have this one yet so I was thrilled to get it.

3. The Community Center on base puts on an annual Children's International Festival. Dancers from the Mescalero tribe performed, there were tables for Asian-Pacific, Hispanic, German and African-American cultures. The kids go around to each table and get a stamp or sticker for their passport and on the way out they get a goodie bag. We enjoy the Asian-Pacific room for their yummy food samples (egg rolls, noodles, rice, chicken) and then we go to the German room for all the yummy desserts - cakes, pies, streudels etc.

4. I'm grateful for Random Acts of Kindess. Yesterday we had a knock at our door and when Kalya answered it there was a boy with a plateful of baked goods saying "Merry Christmas!" I asked Joe if he recognized the kid or the name that was on the tag but he didn't. We peeked out the window and saw a mom with 3 kids going door-to-door handing out these plates of delicious baked goods. What a nice and generous suprise that was! I don't think people really do that much anymore, so it really touched me.

4. We have an annual zoo pass and last night they had a members only (plus guests) Holiday Evening Enchantment where you walk through zoo to see all the light displays, listen to a chorus and the high school orchestra, then enjoy some cookies and hot beverages. We invited Kayla's buddy (and parents too!) to come as our guests. It was a nice night - thank goodness not to cold to be out and enjoy it! Here are some pictures of the evening (where we also ran into the givers of the cookies from earlier in the day so we were able to introduce ourselves)

Waiting for Harrison to arrive

Getting up close and personal with the display

Time for a cookie break!

Catching a ride on their daddy's shoulders

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Tammy said...

Sounds like you've been having some nice times despite the vehicle troubles...they always come at the worst times don't they?
I love Kayla's coat, so pretty and feminine!!!

Miranda said...

The Trip to the zoo looked like lots of fun!

My Husbands truck just broke down too, but we're going to wait to get it fixed until christmas is over.

PEA said...

Kayla looks like a little doll in the photos:-) What a bummer for the truck to break down just before Christmas like this...I swear it's Murphy's Law that does things will happen at the most inconvenient time! Happy Birthday to your mom:-) The outing to the zoo looked like so much fun!!!

Sandra said...

I always enjoy your Grains of Gratitude :)

Thanks for sharing Michelle :)

Linda said...

I so enjoy reading your grains of gratitude. There is something about a grateful heart that just lifts the spirit.
Kayla's little hat looks like the granny squares I crocheted many moons ago for an afghan. I just love those granny squares.
What a sweet thing for those people to do. I'm sure they were as blessed as the people they blessed. Just seems to work that way.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your husband's truck. Thank goodness it was a payday Friday.

It looks like you had a great time at the zoo.

Barb said...

What a lousy time to have a major auto repair bill like that. I guess the timing is never good when something like that happens, though.

Kayla looks so adorable in that little white coat. She also looks adorable in that crochet cap. Heck. She ALWAYS looks adorable.

The cookies the little boy brought to you are rare. I made a bundt cake to welcome a new gal to our neighborhood a couple of years ago and when I took it to her and introduced myself, she looked at me like she thought I was crazy. That's sad, isn't it?

Love the things your grateful for.

Beck said...

I love Kayla's white coat! So beautiful!
Car troubles are awful and they always seem to happen when we can least afford them. I hope that the $1000 gets everything fixed up! And how much fun does that Children's International Festival sound like? Yum!

jotcr2 said...

Very annoying about the truck. Kayla looks very smart in her white coat.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the truck. It always seems things like that happen around x-mas. Kayla looks so cute in her coat! I love those pics of her. She is really growing up so fast!
I think that it so sweet what the little boy and his Mom did. It's nice to know that there are people like that out there.
Happy birthday Donna!

Nisa said...

I love the pictures. Especially the last one of the kids on their daddys' backs. How adorable. Sorry about Joe's truck but I was so glad to see you find something positive about the situation. And I was totally floored that your neighbor made cookies for everyone. Most people have god intentions and then kind of fizzle on the follow-through. I'm like that.
love you!

K.T. said...

What fun!!We are doing a bake but it is mostly for friends and co-workers....LOL.Sounds like you had an awesome week!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

I so can relate with the car issues...first it was one thing, that is fixed and now it is another so still not driving my Jeep. The event at the community center sounds like a lot of fun and learning...loved the pics from the zoo. Harrison and Kayla are adorable together.


chelle said...

eep sorry to read about the truck :(

Glad the rest of the week was wonderful. The zoo event sounds so fun!

chelle said...

eep sorry to read about the truck :(

Glad the rest of the week was wonderful. The zoo event sounds so fun!

mum2brady said...

Fun list Michelle! We, too, had some vehicle trouble last week - luckily it was only $400 to fix - but still - such a downer this close to Christmas :)

I'm so glad you got to go to the zoo - it looks like it was so much fun!!! Kayla is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

You always have great lists! We have Zoolites here too, wonderful display of lights and such. I have to say , I love Kaylas coat!!


Tracey said...

What a fun zoo trip!

Be thankful it was $1000 and not $2000, right? And DEFINITELY that no one was driving it while there were problems.