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Monday, August 07, 2006

Show Me Yours

and I'll show you mine!

This is a new fun meme that O Mama Mia has decided to start.

She's going to pick a topic every Monday and you interpret the topic however you want by showing a picture, telling a story, or whatever!

In her own words: "Without further ado, the innaugural ”Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine” is all about…. Indulgence. When you’re down, what do you do? When you up, what do you do? When you wanna give yourself a little extra love, what do you do? How do you indulge???"

So go on over and leave her a comment if you're going to "play!"

My indulgence is:

Yep...ice cream!

I think Joe and I are addicted to ice cream. I have to refrain from buying it everytime I go to the grocery store because we would eat it every night...seriously! I think it's become a bad habit...but it's oh so good!


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Mmm...ice cream...we are heading to Coldstone this week to celebrate Aviva starting Kindergarten (8/14). I am good I get the sinless sweet cream (no sugar added and I believe fat free) with blueberries.


O Mama Mia said...

mmmmmm..... I totally agree! But Sophia & I do the soy stuff. I try not to eat dairy so she doesn't feel alone in her soy diet. Thanks so much for playing!! I hope this turns out to be a fun/ funny one.

Catch said...

I love ice cream...more so since I know I shouldnt eat it very often! I had some snickers ice cream from the Schwanns man a couple weeks ago...it was orgasmic!!!!! I didnt buy any this time b/c I knew....I would eat too much of it!

Anonymous said...

My indulgence is going to Chili's restaurant and thoroughly enjoying the chocolate lava cake, it has hot googy chocolate in the center and the cake is very warm and has ice cream on top!! I usually go with Kelly and we devour the cake in 30 seconds!! Well, maybe more like 5 minutes after it is placed in front of us... I get to share something with my daughter and spend some time with her(even tho it is only 5 min. and than , out the door she goes.either life guarding, volunteering at the fire station or going to meet friends....Love Mom

O Mama Mia said...

PS I got my Mr Linky up, if you would like to link. Thanks again for playing!!!

Stephanie said...

Mine is Ice Cream as well! I do eat it every night but some how manage NOT to gain weight. Maybe it is running after the 3 dogs all day that is keeping it off? Who knows but I am actually loosing weight now that I stopped going to the gym! lol

Your babys heart looks GREAT and how sweet of her to ask if the other girl was ok! ;| how CUTE!

Nisa said...

I like Duncan Hines yellow cake with chocolate frosting and a big tall glass of cold milk. MMMMM!!! I don't go crazy for ice cream but I'll have some and find it very enjoyable about once every few months or so. Also, another indulgence is sleeping in really late in the morning. I don't get to do it often, but it's heavenly when I can.

Michelle said...

Dori - we had Coldstone when we were in Alb. It is so good, but man they manage to put a lot in those bowls! I couldn't finish mine, brought it back to the hotel and kept in the freezer...then put in our cooler pack w/ice cover and brought it back home! No way was I throwing that away LOL

Mama Mia - that's so nice of you to eat soy with Sophia! Kayla drinks soy milk (the vanilla isn't bad!) but I'm not sure how it (the plain) would taste in my bowl of cereal!

Catch - I've had some specialty ice cream from Schwann's before and man is that yummy!

Mom - that is a wonderful indulgence for you and Kelly to share! Time to spend with your busy teenager - just the 2 of you!

Stephanie - you're lucky you can eat it every night and not gain weight! I used to be like that :)

Nisa - I agree with you about the yellow cake mix - especially when it's nice and moist! Oh and sleeping in is definitely an indulgence; especially since I never know when I'll be able to ...Kayla's so unpredictable! The last 3 mornings have been 7:30, 7:00 and 6:30 - better not be 6 tomorrow!

chelle said...

Oooo Ice cream ... yummy!
My indulgence is chocolate ... Ooo chocolate how I love thee and Ooo how I must restrain myself! hehe! Cool idea!

Overwhelmed! said...

We've just decided to stop buying ice cream in our household because we do eat it every night and it makes us "fluffy." :)

PEA said...

I love soft ice cream and usually go get a cone for a treat at our local Dairy Queen...yummmm! Good thing I only go there once or twice a year or my butt wouldn't be able to fit in my puter chair! lol

Miranda said...

I love Ice cream too. But for some strange reason, i don't like to eat it at home. We go to the dairy queen about 3 times a week. I love coldstone, we have one in State College and go there occasionaly, my fav is chocolate yogurt with toasted almonds, raspberries and white choc chunks....DIVINE!!!! I also did this meme and i have it posted, thanks O mama Mia for the fun Meme

Michelle said...

Chelle - chocolate is right up there with my list of indulgences!

OW - I have cut waaaay back on how often I buy it; even though Joe tries to sneak it on the grocery list :)

Pea - We had 2 DQs in town and would you believe they BOTH have closed down! Oh the shame! No more blizzards!

Miranda - the only ice cream place left in our town is Baskin Robbins. Oh we also hav a Caliche's which is frozen custard and that is pretty good too!

Anonymous said...
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LauraJ said...

Chocolate, and ice cream. both preferably in the same bowl. and with a dollop of caramel sauce. That's my treat!!