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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kayla's Heart

Here are some cool pictures of Kayla's heart I thought I would share.

This one is a great shot of the 4 chambers of the heart.

Here is a before picture of her PDA.

And now with the coil in ... it looks kind of weird looking at this picture of the coil in her heart...it just doesn't belong there, if you know what I mean.

I put some notes on the pictures to try and help describe what you're looking at, I think if you click on the picture it should enlarge it enough to read the notes (hopefully!)

I forgot a story I wanted to share.

There was a little girl (about 11 years old I think) a few beds down from Kayla in the recovery room ( I never saw her, or knew what she had, but I could hear her).

Kayla had just drifted back off to sleep when this girl cried out about something. Kayla barely opened her eyes, but Joe and I heard her clear as day say "ouch"...then she went still again. The girl cried out again and almost like a delayed reaction, a few minutes later Kayla said "okay?" and was back to sleep again. It was like she was talking in her sleep, that she heard the girl cry out and managed to "ask" her if she was ok.

My sweet baby :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow that was fascinating!!! Yea, it looks like a foreign object!!.. Well , it is to the body.... Thanks for sharing... Oh that is so sweet that Kayla heard the girl cry out and to automatically respond by saying "ouch" and then hearing the girl again and responding with "okay" especially when Kayla was in the "twilight zone".. That is truly amazing!! It is like seeing Kayla's brain working when she is sleeping..and, she knew that the girl was in pain...that is "my little Kayla" love mom

Kari said...

Wow very interesting. Thanks for sharing the details. I watched them perform this surgry on TV a while back when I thought Tristan was going to need it as well. Very sweet she would be concerned about the other girl being ok. :)

Barb said...

Somehow those two were connected. Amazing. But it made me sad to hear that the other little girl was crying out. I hate hate it when these little ones have to go through things like this.

Nisa said...

What a sweet little baby you have! All drugged up and still wanting to see if the other little girl was okay. What a little beauty she is.
The pictures are interesting. If you hadn't explained them I wouldn't have been able to figure them out. I couldn't read the notes you wrote very well. You're right- the coil looks so strange but I'm glad it's doing its job.

K.T. says peace said...

OH that is soooooooo sweet! I have seen pix like that before-still fascinating none the less....I cant imagine.

Anonymous said...

the pictures were very interesting. It's kinda neat to see the heart. I think that is so sweet how she woke up and had to ask okay! You have such a sweet and very loving little girl.For her to wake out of that deep sleep and ask that it shows just how caring and sweet your little one is.

Sandra said...

Thanks for the pictures, that was really interesting to see.

I had NO idea that Kayla was in the hospital, been so busy with family here that I haven't kept up with all my favorite blogs.

Hope she is doing good, will keep her in my prayers :)
Sending huge hugs your way,

Tara Marie said...

So very sweet....and what amazing pictures. We are so thankful that the surgery was a success and your sweet little girl is doing well.

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

That was really interesting to see. And Miss Kayla sounds so sweet. About the Ouch and Okay, what a terrific girl you are raising.


Faith said...

Wow, awesome of you to share these! As we say down south - bless her little heart - literally!!!!!

She is so sweet to be so loving about the other little girl. Amazing that even in her subconcious mind, she is loving!!

Princess Morgan said...

Kayla is such a sweet girl. What a beautiful hear- literally! She truly does have a heart of gold! Glad to hear she is back safe at home.

Beck said...

Poor lil' Kayla. She's a sweet little girl, worrying about other kids even when she's sleeping.I'm glad things went well!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it is amazing to see what a difference that coil makes. How beautiful it is that she was worried about the other girl.

PEA said...

It's the first time I see x-rays of a heart...so very fascinating! Of course the heart belongs to darling Kayla and what a loving heart she has...it brought tears to my eyes, when you told us about her reacting to the other little girl crying out! She's so precious, Michelle!! xoxo

mum2brady said...

Very cool heart Miss Kayla. I got some pics of Brady's too, and I, too, think it is weird to see the coil in there... Thanks for sharing! Kayla is so compassionate - what a sweetie she is!

LauraJ said...

i always find it fascinating the human body and what they can do. i wish i had exrays of aaron's back someday. he's got so much titanium in there ihe could supply nasa! lol i'm glad it all went well and no more leakage for the most part.
what a sweetheart in her stupor to ask if someone was okay. bless her!

New Mama's Nest said...

So glad Kayla's doing well. My son had PDA also
( http://www.hxc.com/xavier/?p=67 ) thankfully his closed without surgery. Your pictures were great to see. That's amazing how she connected with that other girl! I think there is an intuition that children have (leftovers from heaven my Grandma says) that we lose with age and experience... it's so amazing though!

Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, what fascinating pictures! Amazing stuff those doctors can do!

That is so sweet that Kayla was responding to this little girl, even when she herself wasn't feeling herself. What a sweet little girl Kayla is!